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No sul da França, foi o acesso a áreas de floresta pode ser proibido ou restrito.

É também o caso, acho que para a Itália, Grécia, Espanha, Portugal e alguns lugares da Grã-Bretanha - em outro lugar, eu não sei.

Proponho Groundspeak, informando geocachers que não sabem destas restrições, a criação de um novo atributo "(Supervisor) ou" 365 "riscadas, indicando um pouco como o" inverno "atribuir um potencial dificuldade acesso. Obrigado se você estiver interessado em votar "PARA" Feedback sobre o site de Geocaching.com - atenção para este novo site terá dez oportunidades para votar uma nova proposta.

Obrigado (e as minhas desculpas pela tradução automática!)


Create a new attribute

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we know portuguese is a hard language, and that's why we find some dificulties in understanding automatic translations. In the future you can just post in English and everyone will understand.


About your sugestion, I believe it has a point. Also in Portugal there are areas where the access is limited or even restricted in Summer due to the fire risk. I voted for your proposal.

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Thanks for your posts (and sorry for my very bad automatic translation ) :P


I' ve read somewhere that there were some forests access regulations or restrictions in Portugal (as in southern France).

And i wonder if a new kind of Attribute, indicating (as the Winter one) the difficulties of access to some caches, during summer would be useful.

I think so.


If you are interested or thinking that it could be useful, you can share that idea by voting.

If not, no matter ! It was interesting for me to exchange with Gc from Portugal.


(You can see exchanges about it on the forum - se link above).



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It's ok.

Yes, you were well informed, there are some areas with forbidden/restricted access during Summer in Portugal.


As a cache finder, I like caches with such limitations to be pretty clear about these limitations. The way I see things, there are more caches everyday that don't feature things that are much more important for a decent search

- parking coordinates

- adequate description

- adequate use of attributes


IMHO, the attribute itself is not clear enough to specify which are the cache limitations (specifically, when do these take place) but only that these limitations exist. If I do a pocket query excluding caches with such an attribute, I might exclude caches that are available at that specific time of the year I'm performing the query and vice versa.


You'll need a little more than a simple attribute...

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You are right !

It was to give a first step information.


After in the listing, you can give more details.


Since several years, i'm using this kind of DOY (do It Yourself) Attribute :

To be seen near by the pictures on my cache listing.


See link below.


(Nice to get contact with Gc from Portugal - Give me desire to visit Portugal (and its caches !)


One of my cache, for example

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Obrigado a todos que votaram, graças a você a idéia agora aparece na primeira página das propostas.


I can't speak on behalf of Groundspeak, but for using the portuguese forum to get votes and support on your cause, for confusing us with our neighbors and writing in spanish and for everything else... it was about time you added "Bem-vindo" to your signature :anibad:



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