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Challenge Caches in the Northwest?

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Curious if there is a bookmarked list for challenge caches?

Do people like them or skip them?

Would you be more inclined to do a challenge if there were a reward at the end?

What's the hardest one you have done?


WA challenge caches:



I am working on a few.

Some I've completed the requirements for, but haven't found the final yet.


I'm wondering if there is a list of the challenge caches that are not Washington caches but that we can still do here.

I guess they would be kind of generic challenge caches that can be done anywhere.

Is there any such thing?

anyone know of any caches or list?

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I dig them for sure. I have two that I'm "working" on getting published, will probably get them actually finished this winter sometime.

I've got myself kind of burned out on the lamp post hides and all that lately, so I've really taken a liking to challenge caches and once I'm settled into our new home, I'll be going after those more often <_<


PS To answer the last two questions

The prize kind of helps motivate me for sure, big or small, something of a payoff is nice. Though an amazing hide/view works just fine as well. Nothing like a challenge cache being really tough and the actual final is lame :/

The hardest one I've done would be the current 100 mile hiking challenge, which I haven't even finished yet, just lots of personal challenges have made it kinda tough, mainly because I'm an old man apparently.

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Do people like them or skip them?

As the owner of a couple (King County Thomas Guide Challenge and Bellevue Blackout), and the completer of many (WA DeLorme, WA Counties, OR DeLorme, OR Counties, ID DeLorme) I'd have to say that I like them... <_<


For some of us, it is 1) an excuse to get out and see what we haven't (cool parts of Washington, any of Idaho), 2) give some focus to caching (clearing out every cache in Bellevue or Seattle), or 3) just a chance to punish ourselves (now starting to work on the Colorado DeLorme - aka, roadtrips via plane).


Some folks like to "wander cache" (that what we do when not working on challenges) and others like a "focus." As someone smarter than me has said - if you post it, they will come. I wasn't certain anyone would be interested in either of our challenges, but we had finishers within days.


If you like 'em - do 'em. If you want to make one, go for it.

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Curious if there is a bookmarked list for challenge caches?

Do people like them or skip them?

Would you be more inclined to do a challenge if there were a reward at the end?

What's the hardest one you have done?


Dig 'em. Washington History Challenge was my all-time favorite. Fun with friends, climbing mountains in the dark, purchasing a kayak (after sinking in a borrowed blow up), cliffs at night, sand dunes filled with rednecks in dune buggies..... man, it just don't get much better!


Have done: Washington HIstory, Washington Counties, King County Thomas Brothers, Alphabet Soup, 100 Star, 200, star, and a few others.


Working on Fizzy (6 left), Washington DeLorme (5 left) and a few others.

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I am doing a few challenge caches, but the whole challenge craze is starting to get a bit silly. I have only finished one of these out of pure luck, the others entail my interests, but I just can't get that obsessed.


I understand the challenge caches that have a starting date, and you try to find certain types from that point on for interesting merits like hiking, lookouts, history, earthcaches seem a good motivation. But those retroactive caches with random sorting seem a bit ridiculous, alphabet, critter caches, difficulty/terrain rating combos....I just don't get it, or maybe it's the wine speaking......


Then what about people placing caches in order to qualify for a challenge, oh yeah, I did that too, twice, and it was good.


Still, let's stop the competition and just enjoy each cache for it's own contribution, and get around to that challenge thingy whenever!


dischallengedly yours,


the cfm


http://fototime.com/A1C7C701DB3F7C3/standard.jpg[/img]]My Webpage

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I think Challenge caches add a different aspect to Geocaching, like a mini-game or the game within the game. I've completed many of them and own some myself (100 and 200 Star, Cache By Numbers, and my kids' Cache A Day). I figure if you like them do them and if not, oh well. Some people love puzzle caches and others loath them. Same idea. A couple of us talked to Jeremy at one of the 10 Year events and floated the idea, since new icons were popping up, of a special Challenge Cache icon. He wasn't biting though. One of the concerns he had was defining what a Challenge Cache is. Is there a certain number of caches or difficulty that qualifies? Is the Triad a Challenge Cache since it only has four caches? Would a cache series be considered a Challenge Cache (I didn't think so)? He thought the definition too vague. There are definitely some that I think are better than others, but I also think they all shouldn't be so insane that almost no one can do them. I still like the Challenge Icon idea, though. As for a special prize at the end, I usually think of completing the Challenge as the prize, though I generally think the final shouldn't be a micro, so people can trade perhaps a cool coin when they hit the final.

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