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Geocoinfest editions only

grodan & fiabus
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Thought this topic had a thread but I can not find it.


What coins will be released at geocoinfest 2010 and sold only there? or sold there at first?


I am trying to get someone to pick some coins up for me and to make it easier I would like to see/hear what editions that are GCFonly specials so I can specify what I would like to get.


Please tell!


We actually tried to work things out to be able to go this year but nope, hopefully another year. It would be a nice trip I believe.


grodan Karin

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Always...in...the shadow...

Always...covered in oil...

Always...covered in water...


Sitting... and lonely...in caches...by...King...Boreas



Waiting list full...BUT...those at Geocoinfest get first pick! I haven't worked out the details, but the Yemon Yime and King Boreas special editions will likely be available in just a 4 coin set. Singles of the 2 regular editions (Oil & Water) will be available too.




I will also have a limited number of TapTap's available, namely the glow version:



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Here is one i will be taking along for the event only.


I hope you enjoy this.



How many made?


Being sold or for trade only?


He has booth 11, so I bet he's selling them B)



Here is some info for you.


100 Black Nickel Reg Edition

75 Nickel LE

50 Gold XLE

25 Antique Gold AE Harder to get from me.


They will have a custom icon after plenty have sold.


The cost will be 12.50 each due to stand up rolling action and donation factor from coin sales for local fire fighting fund.


Yes i will be at both 11 with my oldest daughter, Son in law and another wonderful friend to help me out.


Trading is very doubtful on these since i use money raised to help fund events i am involved with and partial from these will be donated to a local fire fighter fund.


I am going to take a bunch of traders with me BUT I do not want to commit to any trading for anything because i may not be feeling the best to do any of this.


I tried to get some animal shaped coins done up for our build a bear business and GCF but i ran short on time due to my hectic life and put them on hold. ( They will be out before Christmas :?)


I do have a different little round animal micro one for GCF that people may like and i will post picture later.


Hope to see many of you there.


Please stop by and say HI!!!

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I have a few GCF only things.


Li'l Dreamer - Sea Horse Edition



Le Chat Rampant - 3 GCF versions (plus some of all the other versions)


Card Shark (glow, black and red)



Freya (two tone purple and gold - color of the Vikings)



Hydrophobia (two tone blue and white - Minnesota means sky water - hence these colors)



Wolf Song - 3 versions, featuring glow on the moon, and a 3d back to give the effect of a glowing moon in the sky.


Timber Wolf



Grey Wolf - glitter on the front, twilight on the back



Arctic Wolf - pearlescent on the front, day time on the back



I'll be at Table #10, nestled between Vanelle/Zelanzy and River Cacher! Stop by and say hi, and pick up some Santa Cruz salt water taffy!

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