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establishing a new cache

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Please be sure to read the Cache Listing Requirements / Guidelines.




Be sure that you really understand them. Once you understand them, go back and read them again. Once you do that, read them once more to be sure that really understand them.


Then take a look at these pages from the Groundspeak Knowledge Books.






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I'm having a dull moment, but I'm trying to create a multi-stage cache, but when I go to create the cache listing I just cannot find the way of putting in the coordinates of the additional waypoints. What am I doing wrong?


Thanks for your help.


Create your very basic cache page using the on-line form making sure you un-check the little box which says, "Yes, this listing is active..."


Now go to the bottom, check the two little boxes and Report New Listing.


You will now be able to view your cache page as it will appear. Now you can play around with it and edit it as you want. You'll see the option for Waypoints in the Navigation box, top right. You can keep changing and re-editing the page and waypoints until you're happy with it.


Once it's all done and ready for submission and review then make sure that your cache is in place, ready to be found.


Then go back to the cache form, check that little box to show that the listing is active and you're all ready for it to go... Scroll to the bottom, check, check... Report New Listing...


and off it goes to be reviewed..


Good luck!



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myself and a friend of mine set up two caches, first time we have done so, and they have still not been approved. It has been a week. I'm now seriously reconsidering not getting a premium account due to such poor service


I can assure you the service your getting has nothing to do with your membership level.


Did you check your cache page, did the reviewer leave a note? Perhaps there is a problem, like to close to another cache, a common problem.


Did you check the "This cache is active" box before submitting? Without this box being checked your submission will not appear in the reviewer queue. This also is a common problem.


By any chance is Groundspeak mail going into your spam folder? Did you check your folder?


For more information on the review process see this Knowledge book. If the first few points don't uncover the problem, then follow up with the reviewer.


Also, since this is a big holiday weekend in the US and the reviewers are volunteers, I would not be surprised if life does not get in the way of reviewing this weekend.

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Please be aware that the reviewers are volunteers.


Here's some information from the Groundspeak Knowledge Books on the publication of cache. They will give you some things to check out with your caches. Be sure that you check the cache pages for any notes that the reviewer has posted. Also be sure that your home coordinates are listed correctly in your profile.


Publication of Caches



Getting Your Cache Listed Quickly



Communication with the Reviewer


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myself and a friend of mine set up two caches, first time we have done so, and they have still not been approved. It has been a week. I'm now seriously reconsidering not getting a premium account due to such poor service

There are no pending cache submissions associated with the KitsuneUdonAnimeCLub account name. Did you perhaps use your friend's account? I see two pending submissions from an account with an analogous name, "animematt." These two caches were submitted for review on August 30th, and the reviewer responded on September 1st regarding two listing guideline issues. I see that those issues were addressed on September 2nd. It's now Labor Day weekend. I am sure that the reviewer will respond to the revised submissions in the near future.


There is a 72 hour service goal for the initial review of caches by a volunteer. That was met here. Remember that reviewers are volunteers. Many of them are out enjoying the holiday weekend. I wonder what the premium membership fee would be if reviewers had to paid to be on call 24/7!

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