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Sig Item/Cointest


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My partner and I have recently started caching and we've gotten pretty gung-ho about trackables. We're pretty bummed when in our closest 200 caches less than 10 MAY have a trackable in them. We'd already started planning personal pathtags or geocoins but we likely won't be able to afford those for a little while. We were somewhat inspired by a recent thread on personal signature items including many homemade ones. We've come up with an idea we'd like to run past you all. We want to recycle empty pill bottles by covering them with duct tape and using them as a "message in a bottle" and putting messages inside asking people to contact us through gc.com to be entered in a weekly/monthly/every x # of people cointest.


1. Is there anything that prohibits us from doing that?

2. Would you be interested in one if you found it in a cache?

3. Any tips you'd be willing to share with us?

4. Any specific way we should label it?

5. Specific coins to use? - Our location specific? Space Coast Shuttle? Coin designs we like? Choice of coin under X $?

6. Anything else I didn't ask?


I'm just trying to find something we could leave that would be a personal sig item that someone else would find value in while also helping to increase the # of trackables in caches. Also, would using pill bottles that are essentially pre-camoed be significantly counter-productive as they could be placed as micros that aren't big enough to hold said coins?

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~ Your recycled pill bottles, as long as you place them IN a cache, sounds like a very noble thing and yes, it would be YOUR sig item (who knows, it May become a cache container) YES, I would like and appreciate finding something like this in a cache . . .


See and as it seems that we're quite saturated with micros in South Florida, I was kinda hoping they wouldn't get used for a cache container. Any hints or help there?


And in terms of how often should we do a drawing, do you think 1x/month is enough?

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We use recycled pill containers here to put recycled grocery bags in and put the message CITO. Then they become a cache. If you are saturated with micros then more than likely people would think they were a trade item and could be used for a cache. You could always measure the pill bottles and use your computer to put a picture on a piece of paper of something you like in Florida with the message under it that says Signature item of your name. You could use several different pictures if you don't want them all to be the same. Then use clear mailing tape to seal it on the pill bottle. Put your message in the bottle, If your putting in a message like a fortune cookie or Confucius says, then add contact me through my profile for a chance to win a coin. Tell them there will be a monthly drawing if that is what you decide on.

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Ooo, I like this idea. I would definitely be interested in finding one.


I do like the idea from MaineFamily, putting a sticker on the outside saying it's a sig item would be less likely to become a cache. If you use the camo tape, to me, it seem that you want it to be used as a cache.

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Typically sigitems are not trackable, mostly swag or collectibles. But if you're trying to add to the trackable inventory attach a travel bug dog tag on your recycled pill bottles with different missions which may or may not include inviting people to add their favourite quotes, inspirations or messages to the bottles.

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Interesting!!! B)


I would be interested for sure!

It would be good to have a sticker to say that is a signature item and part of a game, so nobody will think it is to make an other cache or... to think that it is trush and throw it away!


hmm... how about writing on the bottle the "message in a bottle" too? that will make more cachers to be interested in that! :(

and if I ever find one I will collect it and kep it in my small signature item collection! :D


Can I ask something? Sorry, I do not know how these pill bottles are, but can they be cleaned before the use? I am not saying anything bad... I hope I will not be missunderstood, ok? :)


I just want to say that pills are medicine! So we must be sure that it is completely safe (no smells, no tiny parts of the pills or pill dust... - I do not know how to describe that..-) so if a kid cacher of a child of a cacher or even a pet see it and wants to...."discovered" it we will not have problems... some kids, younger ones.... are puting in their mouth things that....


and... a second question... will any of them ever come to greece? :unsure:

Probably not.... ;) Of course there is always a chance you will come to Rhodes for vacations and caching! B)


Now about the drawing... you can have one every 2 months, or every month... it depends on you! you will have a page with the drawing dates and everything will go fine!

I wouldn't suggest a.... 20th find or something like that.... what if 2 will log at the same time and one is the last for the drawing? The other will be out?

Let's say now that you have the first month 10 cachers.... the second month an other 10.... will the second drawing incluse the first 10 too? It would be good, but it will also be good to exclude the winner...(after all.. he already won once!), so you will have more winners... and things will go on....

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I forgot to mention.....


what happens if..... someone finds one of your pill bottles, he comunicates with you, but then all his friend cachers, family members etc start contacting you to ender in the drawing.... as a discover of the bottle in the hands of the cacher??


I do not know if I am clear in what I am saying...

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No worries, I clean out all the pill bottles first with a baby bottle brush then let them sit to air dry. Cover them with duct tape in all kinds of colors and write message in a bottle on one side, signature item, open me on the other. Inside is a small piece of paper with instructions to e-mail me through gc.com


I can't prevent losers from lying but if they are caught they and those who also cheated will be removed from any future coin raffle.


Are there any other things, I should keep in mind?


We are putting geocoins and TB's out into the caches around us but we want to help encourage other caches to get into releasing trackables as it's what we love most about caching. I can't fathom all those coins sitting in books in closets or drawers. I want to see them tour the world.

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We are putting geocoins and TB's out into the caches around us but we want to help encourage other cache[r]s to get into releasing trackables as it's what we love most about caching. I can't fathom all those coins sitting in books in closets or drawers. I want to see them tour the world.

You're preaching to the choir. Anyone who checks out or hangs out here at the geocoin forum also loves trackables and geocoins in particular. Many many many posters here have released dozens upon dozens of coins and travels bugs (if not hundreds in some cases) in the past only to have them go missing, sometimes before they hit the next cache after their release. It's heartbreaking to have to retire a traveler with only 61 miles on it's odometer.


Of course the best part of finding a cache is discovering it has a shiny coin in it. And to think that someone did that for others at their expense with no other thought that to keep that shiny piece of joy moving to pass the delight on to others. THAT's mind boggling. Now after untold thefts or abuses many choose not to anymore.

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