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River Cacher 2010 Geowoodstock Version Red White and Blue.

River Cacher

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Here is your lucky chance to grab a few coins i have left over from Geowoodstock.


This is a very special Geocoin for me to be making with all my ups and downs in life.


I made a 2009 River Cacher Geocoin and paid for a icon i never activated so now it will be up and running for both of these.


The icon and little story with the coin may be changing each year so the icon may change from 2009, 2010 and etc.


This years geocoin is larger then last years and i hope you all enjoy this.


There will be a few more of these made for Geocoinfest in different colors and etc.


1.75 Geocoin cost is 10.00 each.


United States Shipping is via Pay Pal with conformation and is 2.50 for the first and 1.00 each after.


Out of United States will be guaranteed to receive a email with the geocoin tracking number only!!!


Canada 3.00 for the first tracking number via email and 1.50 each after.


All other countries are 4.00 for the first tracking number via email and 2.00 each after.






Black Nickel limited to 100 made.


2009 and 2010 River Cacher Geocoins




Custom icon



There was a few Artist editions that will go up for auction at a later date.



Please email me at mikedavistile@yahoo.com

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If you notice the 2009 River Cacher Geocoin is flowing a smooth sail down the river and then all of a sudden he is headed for a waterfall.


Life sure can throw chnges your way at anytime.


The waterfall is just another rough spot in the river and together i will be able to fly right apast this to add another a wondeful geocoin in 2011.


No more Red white and blue versions will be made.


There was 20 AE gold made and 30 Nickel made for a total of 150 made.


Who knows this may be the last of them made.


Thanks and please enjoy!!!

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