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I logged three caches today and in the first I made my comments about Brian. The log is here for LtVoSF* Beach. I wish I could have been there today, but I did this in Brian's honor.


What a nice tribute to Brian . . I've just arrived home after attending the memorial service in Kenmore . . it was very well attended and - as I feel it should be - filled with special memories, hugs, tears and laughter. I spoke with Tee and Laurie on my way back home to Ridgefield and they both felt the small memorial gathering in Sumas was a very meaningful time for all who attended.

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I'm very glad that I attended. It was a bit difficult getting there, but I'm glad that we were persistant and finally made it. Thanks for the welcome, and all the hugs. Thanks again to Brian's family for hosting it.


I've posted these to facebook, but I'm going to post some of them here again, for people who haven't seen them. They are posted to this cache log (a few more pictures are in the log).


AndrewRJ feeding Nate:




AndrewRJ's Riley playing:






Brian's sister in law, Julie:




Prying Pandora speaking to the group:






Brian's brother, Kevin:




AndrewRJ and Recdiver talking:




My husband sitting next to the photo collage:





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