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Event Etiquette

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I have an event set up through the GC site. What is the procedure for Events? Do you mark them as "Will Attend" and or "Attended" or not when you're the one that set them up?
If you're planning on being there. Actually, probably no need to post a "Will Attend", but sure... post an Attended log for yourself. By all means.
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Event Etiquette, as I understand it through the allegorical marvel of Goofus and Gallant:


Goofus logs attended before the event has happened, saying he will try to attend.

Gallant logs a note, saying he will try to attend or logs a will attend if he is quite certain he will attend.


Goofus does not remove his attended log entry when he was unable to attend.

Gallant posts a note, saying he was unable to attend and sorry for missing what must have been a great gathering.


Goofus logs another attended after attending the event, so he now has attended it twice.

Gallant logs attended only after attending the event.

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