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DNF vs Note

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Some cachers treat the DNF as a mark of shame, because they must attach value to each type of cache log and cache attribute in order to appease their personal sense of competition. Terrain ratings become awards, and a DNF log means GAME OVER, YOU LOSE.

im not afraid to log a dnf. i got a pocket full of quarters and that game isn't the only one in town.

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I'm of two minds too.

There have been a couple of occasions recently.

One where I spent about 10 minutes looking but couldn't find it, I posted a DNF just in case it was missing (it wasn't)

Another where I spent about 2 minutes looking on my way to work, but couldn't find it, I didn't post as I didn't put what I consider a 'proper' search into it.

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Just posted two DNF's. One I could almost see it and knew exactly where it was but couldn't get it because it was pretty high up on the edge of a cliff and I am deathly afraid of heights.


The second one was in the same park and I am pretty sure I knew where it was also. Just couldn't find it. Neither could the person who logged a DNF the same day.

The hint and a photo pretty much told you were it was but it wasn't there.


It was still an enjoyable little hike. Got to see two waterfalls.


The drive home through winding mountains with an 18% grade drop and rise after dark was a bit scary though.


Saw a deer an elk and a bear on the way out so it was still a great day!

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I've noticed that quite a few geocachers will not visit a cache anymore once there's a DNF log for that cache. With that in mind, I usually only post a DNF when I'm convinced that the cache is no longer there.


If I think that my searching was not good enough or something came up I'll not post anything.

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