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  1. I've mentioned this several times over several years. Still no joy.
  2. I hope they will add an option to the geocaching app to use Google maps instead of the awful apple maps.
  3. Yes, totally! On the iPhone app theres a "Find Nearby Caches" function which brings up the closest 30. There's one cache in particular which I've been meaning to get for a year or so, but there's always another that pops up before I get around to it!
  4. It would be nice if you could display My Finds on a map just the same as you can with normal pocket queries. I've tried all sorts to display My Finds but it always ends up looking completely messed up.
  5. I like to know where I am. Usually when I'm flying I look out of the window and thing "what's that town there?" and I don't know, with GPS I'd know:)
  6. Maybe, but the argument is that getting to the log is part of retrieving the cache and it wouldn't be "geocaching" without that.
  7. And BTW that film pot in Herrington is temporary pending a 'proper' cache, as I wasn't planning to put that out, just so I don't get accused of film pottery
  8. And well done for that too . Is this sort of action that keeps caching active for the entire community.
  9. I think you are asking for too much accuracy from your GPS. You are never going to get the coordinates precisely matched up with that on the cache page, even when you are standing still! This is why most GPS units and GPS apps have a compass needle and distance indication to follow, and once you are within 5 metres you can consider yourself 'there'.
  10. You aren't allowed to have caches which require an entrance fee to get into grounds yet you can have ones which require a military pass?! Crazy. IMO the saturation guidelines shouldn't be relaxed, such caches should just be banned.
  11. Could you drop a circle and leave it there then drop further circles after it? If so that would work well!
  12. tbh I wouldn't object to a small rise in fees in exchange for Groundspeak to stop whinging about how expensive their servers are and how they can't cope.
  13. The important thing to remember is if the cabin crew tells you to turn it off, Then turn it off and no complaining
  14. OS National Grid is exactly it. There's no particular advantage when using a GPS. It's just that OS Grid corresponds to grid references on Ordnance Survey maps. It can cause accuracy problems so I wouldn't use it - and indeed I don't use it.
  15. I have no idea if this is even technically possible. Could a feature be added which will draw a 0.1 mile circle around each cache? It would be very useful for determining cache placement - I know it's not the full story due to multi-caches etc but it would be an extremely good feature!
  16. The main issue is that the geocaching app on iPhone is so battery hungry it can severely limit your caching experience. If you just want to go out for a couple of hours, then fine, but if you are on an all day hike to find two dozen caches you're iPhone is likely to give up before you get half way.
  17. I think the problem is that Groundspeak are a US organisation and are very US centric, it would appear that Geocaching.com is primarily set up for US users, with "other countries" added on rather as an after thought. Given this we do need an organisation in the UK to represent UK interests, because Groundspeak won't.
  18. I'd say the last one, as long as the alert is discrete
  19. When I first started caching I'd be using the national grid references, which were easier to type into my phone. At least one of the caches I didn't find was a couple of hundred metres away from where I'd been looking for it, which I wonder if that was down to the grid reference.
  20. Also don't be disheartened if you can't find a cache and most of the logs say "Nice easy find". There's been some caches where I've made several visits in order to find it and they've been a really been a pain, only to look at the logs and them say "Found easily, TFTC".
  21. Don't forget some people have jobs and other obligations that take presidence over geocaching. So what's ASAP to someone may not be ASAP to someone else. Indeed, I've had a cache literally 20 minutes walk from home but took me a good few weeks to get to it as I was working during the week, family commitments at the weekends etc.
  22. The most important thing to check when you are starting out is the recent logs, to make sure that the cache is still there, if it has been found within the past week then the chances are good it's still there. Caches do go missing on a regular basis! It will take time to get used to what you are looking for, "Cacher's Eye"! once you've found a few you'll figure that within the radius specified by the GPS location there can only be so many places to hide a cache, and you get used to seeing things which are out of place, I mean big flat rocks aren't normally at the bottom of fence posts Also don't trust the GPS location too much, you need to look within a radius of *at least* 5 metres.
  23. I like this idea! I will quite often check on caches local to me if I'm passing just to make sure they are still there. Especially if there has been a DNF posted.
  24. The reviewers have already looked at that cache and consider themselves satisfied, I'm more interested in a general debate about the issues surrounding this
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