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benchmark hunting


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Looking for benchmarks today. and was looking for a specific one. But there is a witness Post saying avel witness post 2010 with no reference to actual benchmark. Also in the ground surrounded by pvc pipe is a aluminum round disc that says avel 2010. With no reference to original benchmark number. I checked the details for the particular benchmark but no updated reference to this. Benchmark qo2222. any suggestions. thanks

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Sound to me like you found a newly set station named "AVEL" that was set this year 2010 with a witness post. It would not be QO2222, which is clearly described differently, set in a different year etc. even if it is in the same vicinity.


Anything set in 2010 will not be in the benchmarking database.


Are there any agency designations on the witness post or cap?


- jerry

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"nwaman," I searched the NGS database for other survey marks in the vicinity of QO2222, and the only one not in the 1985 QO222x series was DF8702 from 2001. So the one you found is not in the NGS database. It may or may not be added at some point.



Thanks The new avel is within a few feet of the original qo2222 coordinates, I will have to go back and take a picture of it. Probably too new for updates Was just wondering what the name meant. Thanks

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On which side of Highway 23 did you find AVEL? It looks like the coordinates fall on the northwest side of the highway, while the description places it on the southeast side. QO2222 was found (and a picture taken) just last year, so there's a good chance that it is still in place. Because the location is SCALED, the coordinates should not be relied on too heavily - the written description will give much better info on how to find the mark.

Meanwhile, named stations, like AVEL are typically horizontal control markers. You can't log it here (try Waymarking), but you might be able to get more infomation about it from the agency marked on the disk, ie. MNDOT. If AVEL was found on the northwest side of Hwy 23, look across the highway for QO2222, at the end of a row of pine trees.

Good luck with your search.

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Patty, I believe that you have figured out the "mystery" name. Great induction! MEL

Just received confirmation from noaa.gov, That QO2222 is a vertical benchmark located in the trees, therefore is unsuitable for precise gps observation. That is why AVEL 2010 was placed nearby. Now i will have to go back and see where i missed QO2222 as i see a picture of it was posted. I will check out the nearby trees and follow the description better. Thanks for all your help.

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