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Hi I am fairly new to this so please be gentle.

It looks as if I might have had one of my caches muggled :laughing: and wondered, is it just a case of replacing it now and apologising to the person who's coin was in the cache. Or do I also have to log in the new log book everyone who has visited the cache previously? Or is there anything else I should do?

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Sorry to hear your cache has been muggled.

(Has it been put back, but not in the correct place -have you had a chance to look?)


For now, mark it as 'Temporarily Disabled' until you get a chance to replace it.


Before replacing it, it may be worthwhile trying to work out why it was muggled?


Was it a 'one off' and just unfortunate?

Or was it in a place muggles/youngsters are likely to look?


Is it safe to replace it in the same place, or is it better to move it?


If it's not a safe place the cache should be 'Archived' unless you can find somewhere close to move it to (less than 0.1m away, or a little further with the help of your reviewer)


Yes, let the TB owner know that their traveller is missing, and one of you mark it as missing on the TB's page.


Hope your next cache has more success.

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