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Say Hello to Alice

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All coins have now been shipped! (whew!)


I apologize for the delay in getting things out the door, but I hurt my back a few weeks ago and haven't been out of the house much except to go to the doctor and physio. Things are slowly getting back to normal.


I encountered another problem in that the mint shorted me on the black nickel/purple coins and gave me extra of all the other versions. I've ordered a remint for the orders that I couldn't fill. If you didn't receive an email from me then your order was filled.


On the plus side, I do have extras of all the other finishes!


They will be going up in the store portion of my website tomorrow (Sept 18th) at 11:00 EST.

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Wow that did not work out for me, haha! I waited till 11, then kept getting an error when I tried to add to my cart! I didn't know you had to register for the site (I thought it was by paypal) and when I completed the registration, they were already sold out! Like lightning! Eep! Congrats on selling them all!!! <_< I hope your back feels better!!

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I'm glad to hear that people are starting to receive their coins!


The activation codes are now up on my website.


And the replacement BN/purple coins are on their way for those whose orders I couldn't fill.


There will very likely be a remint of the 3 RE editions in small numbers (25 each) and perhaps a new colour combination. Any suggestions? ;)

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I decided on just one new version for the remint. This edition will be Satin Gold with orange and green transparent enamel. In a switch from all the other editions, the centre of the Alice side will also be filled.


The coins will go on sale starting Thursday, Nov 18th at noon EST



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Alice is back!


I have reminted the original regular editions of the Alice (We're All Mad Here) geocoin and added three new limited editions as well. The coins have been shipped from the mint and will be here next week.


The editions available in the webstore now are:


RE Shiny Gold / red

RE Shiny Silver / blue

RE Shiny Copper / green

LE Antique Bronze / greys

LE Black Nickel / green

LE Antique Nickel / aqua





Visit http://phdcoins.ca

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