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  1. Wahey! My pay it forward coin has been received by it's new owners. Despite a side trip to Florida it made it from Oregon to North Carolina in what seems like record time. Congratulations NCFabFive on your new arrival. Z.
  2. Uno, Irish loves that game... First Aid supplies... Irish thinks I have a fetish for these, given that I have several first aid kits. Some CDs and a DVD... Some money (Italy, Brazil, Portugal and the Philippines) The next bit is some more of the excellent Artworks that were included... I mean... How could you not like... All of this great art. There were all sorts of other things: Thread, buttons, games, a ready to go cache loaded with trackables, some toy cars, a small soft toy dog,... And several geocoins. If this was truly what opalsns found at the side of the road and in the garbage truck, I must be living in the wrong area. Z.
  3. Oh, we did send a macaw as well as a snake. Yes, it's probably a Green-wing as they are red, and have those lines on their face. The other red option is a Scarlet macaw but they don't have the lines... Arthur, a Green-Wing Macaw Rowan, a Scarlet Macaw Sorry about the shipping mishap... I was trying to wrap things so that they were protected, but not fill the box with packing materials. Z.
  4. OK... Well, I'll start by Saying thank you to OpalSNS. A most wonderful box and we love it all. An audio book, a music cassette, travel size lotions, deodorant, and some awesome artwork. (There was a lot of awesome artwork in the box, one with a geocoin as part of the work of art, no photos of that one yet, but when I get the chance to blur the code then...). An Orange and Red necklace... My wife is still wearing it. A complete, ready to go cache. Full of trackables, swag, etc. We'll have to find somewhere good to place this one, and soon. Chicken Noodle Soup! My favourite. No, really, how did you know? More to follow... MUCH MUCH MORE. Z.
  5. Oh, and the two geocoins are... Astro Winter Edition Black Nickel, with some glow in the dark bits. and Davy Jones Locker Golden Dawn... I particularly liked that one. Z.
  6. Well, the white pellets are disposable towels... similar to this one. Google hit... I usually carry two plus two AA cells in a soda bottle preform. And the snake skin came from one of our corn snakes. We have several (non poisonous) snakes, so if you're considering one I'm sure my wife can point you in the right direction. The paper clips should have been with some book darts which are excellent book marks. Z.
  7. Snakes are cool . At least we didn't send one of the Macaws...
  8. A most excellent box arrived here today... I'll post more details later when I've had a chance to photograph everything. Z.
  9. Indeed... And some of the items we included are just plain odd. Others are useful (at least to some people), and some are useful to everyone. It was a strange assortment, and wasn't that part of the "plan"? Z.
  10. Package was sent off yesterday morning... Full of the strangest, oddest assortment of things that we could find. Unfortunately I forgot to include the manifest when shipping it, so I'll add it here after it has arrived. Z.
  11. Man, that is one nice coin. Both my wife and I are big Star Wars fans, and have been since the first movie... A long time ago... Z.
  12. This post has a list of various challenges. There are at least three in the immediate vicinity (Estacada, Canby and North Clackamas) plus two more within an easy travelling distance. Some of them are not currently running though. Z.
  13. TB41833 Is about to be dropped in a cache on it's way to North Carolina... Good Luck... Z.
  14. Indeed. I was astounded by the price it received, but then saw the posting on here, and my amazement changed from what someone was willing to pay to being at the generosity of someone (or two as bidding would have been required to drive the price up). To the purchaser, my deepest admiration. To Mr. Gray I can only express my thanks that he has included me in this project, and that he has shown himself to be a truly noble alien. To Opalsns, my best wishes for a brighter future. Z.
  15. Sent an email (I think) so we should be in on this one... I thought about posting the usual email sent: message then figured if everyone mails at approximately the same time we could all pre-fill the same information. Z.
  16. We just returned from a funeral, I opened the mailbox and there was a black mailer in there... Oh no, I thought, then I read the front. #043 has arrived and we love it. The timing couldn't have been better either, we needed something to lift our spirits. Z & IE
  17. Well, NCFabFive still hasn't responded... I'll give them a bit longer, but I might need to find another adoptee if they don't turn up within another month. Z.
  18. i believe the coins will happen in their own time and no need to fret. and have to agree with you about the new forum, it sucks. I'm with you on the new forum layout, however it is easier to navigate on my Droid I am reminded of a letter to the editor of the Guardian (a British newspaper) which basically stated "Dear Sir, I have heard that you are planning to update your layout. Can I be the first to say that I don't like it." Z.
  19. I would certainly be interested in an email or PM or whatever to let me know when they are available for order. Z.
  20. Thanks for the excellent write up. I'm glad to hear that it went over well. We tried to find a geocoin that she would like. Enjoy your vacation. Z.
  21. Glad that it arrived and that you're doing good. Actually it's from both of us... We share an account and did this mission together. We hope that she likes the coin... We tried to find one that would appeal to her. My wife liked it so much that we then ordered another one for her. Z.
  22. TB41833 has now been activated (it arrived on Saturday) and is ready to start it's voyage as soon as NCFabFive has adopted it. It's a Scavok Night and Day geocoin, and I'm trying to work out the best ways to keep it and it's instructions together while travelling. I was thinking of laminating the instructions, and attaching them with the strongest tape that I can find to the flip that the coin is in. Anyone got any better suggestions? Z.
  23. I'd like one of each... but then that's just me. I agree that the feathers is more specifically Welsh, but then you could always stick a leek and a daffodil on the celtic one and make everyone happy. Z.
  24. My order arrived today too... However I went to activate one and the Activation codes are not available... I've sent an enquiry to C&P so hopefully that will be sorted out soon... Yes, I will be sending a real Scavok coin out travelling... Z.
  25. Email Sent: 27th October 2010 Name Received: 7th November 2010 Card Sent: 1st December 2010 Card Received: 3rd December 2010 A really nice card from our "geocaching secret Santa" and a Canadian Geocoin. It's cool... Photos will follow. Thank you so much Acadian Cache Spies! My wife and I love the coin, and the card was good too. Z.
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