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Found it, but no record

Red Tractor

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I happened to see a nice patina covered control marker today. Marked it and recorded it's stamp,

happy to find this one by mistake. Oh no, no data base record, what now! Info as follows

N34 52.888

W81 57.290

139S USGS 1934

Usual fines and penalties


I will visit again and post photos, any help on ID for this one. I visited the State Geodetic page and no info. Have I found an orphan?

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This comes up with amazing frequency. The NGS database contains only those benchmarks that have been reported to them. Many other agencies place benchmarks that don't get reported to the NGS. In your case, you found one placed by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). While some USGS markers are in the NGS database, most are not. And many people have looked for online databases for other agencies but, to my knowledge, none have been found. So, congrats on your find, but you will have to find your own area to place a notice and pictures about it.

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Get a list of the close by benchmarks from Groundspeak... then go out and try to find them... then log them if found.


I think that this is a little more in keeping with the "cache" concept


>Personally Responsible for the Recovery of .00217% of the Benchmark Database!<--watch this number!

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