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night caching

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I relatively new to Geo. When a site shows the icon available 24/7 does that mean there are

florescent markers or helps availble to be able to find the cache during dark hours.


Not likely. That icon just refers to caches that can be legally walked up to and accessed 24/7. Some parks and other locations have hours where you are trespassing or they'll even gate up completely.

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It means that the cache is available 24 hours a day, like others have said. Night caches with reflective markers will say so on the cache page somewhere; a good example (and a REALLY fun cache, I recommend it) is this one:



As you can see, in the attributes they've put the little flashlight icon, and the moon with stars icon.


Also, it's listed as an 'unknown' cache type, and they talk about the fire tacks in the cache page description.


As for caching at night, it's something I do often because I get off of work late and 'grabbing a few after work' means going out in the dark. Being out in the dark with a flashlight adds a really fun element to caching, and makes finds more challenging, but it also means that I need to take extra care and caution with my surroundings.


A cache with a higher terrain rating could be dangerous at night, so I may avoid it; and caches near homes, while they may have the 24/7 icon, could arouse suspicion from neighbors so I tend to avoid those too.


Be sure not to hunt caches that have the 24/7 icon crossed out as an attribute, that means they are a no-no at night.


Have fun trying it out!

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Nope. just that the area the cache is in is accessible 24/7. In 8 years I have only seen 3-4 caches that had glowinthedark markings, and they were all part of caches that were designed to be found at night with firetacks leading the way to the cache. I'm sure there are some out there, I just haven't found them yet.

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