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Odd coincidence

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Twice in the last week, I was somewhere, and just for the fun of it called up the geocaching application on my iPhone, just to see what caches were nearby and had it tell me I was just about standing on the cache.


Last week at a Mother's Day celebration at my sister's house, I discovered a cache just outside her fence.


Today, I went for dinner at a restaurant around 40 miles from home. As we parked, I called up the app. It said the closest cache was 0.0 miles away. I switched to the "navigate" mode and it said it was 37 feet away. It was under a lamp post skirt less than 10 feet from the car.


It is an odd coincidence. It would not be so bad if I was out looking for caches. But, this was just a random "let's see what's nearby."

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I had the same experience when visiting my daughter. First time was Wally World parking lot while returning a video rental. The second time was in another parking lot while daughter was doing laundry at laundramat.


That has happened to me on a few occasions as well. It was usually while on vacation where I had gone off an area where I had caches along a route. One time we had decided to go to a cavern in Pennsylvania and I brought up the iPhone app to see if there were any caches nearby that I could find after the cavern tour and the geocaching app indicated I was 0.0 miles from an Earthcache located at the cavern. The other memorable instance was driving back from a week long vacation in Maine when we took a different route than originally planned through Vermont. We cam across a pullout with a spectacular view and I thought "there's got to be a geocache here" and sure enough there was.

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it all depends on the cache density of the area you're in. CA has a reputation for being totally stuffed with caches (at least in some areas) so i'm not surprised about your experience. now if you were in, say, eastern europe instead, things would look a lot different :)

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