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Found unactivated coin, now what?


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I found an unactivated coin in a cache. Its not a simple easy design but a rather elaborate design and digging around it seems to be a bit on the pricey side (about $12) so my thought is to sit on it a while to see if the owner does activate it.


I thought about contacting the owner of the coin, but not sure that would be so easy. I found it in a cache that was near a mega event, so it had well over 200 logs just in a couple of days, so emailing the last couple of finders isn't really an option. The logbook in the cache was literally just a list of names, no one really saying anything, so there is no hint there of it being dropped. I've read all of the online logs too, and keep checking back for more (although by now everyone has had time to log it) and no one has said anything about dropping a coin that even came close to this coin (there were other mentions, but I could match them all up in the tb history page for the cache). No one is watching the cache page so I doubt a posted note would get a response there, plus I did indicate in my online cache log that I found the coin.


Should I assume this was some type of gift or give away from another cacher? If so, how long should I give it before trying to activate the coin myself?


Any other ideas what I should do at this point?


I grabbed this with the intention of moving it along, and will do so after it gets activated.

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I agree that if you found an unactivated coin it is left as swag. The most important thing is to leave swag of equal or higher value. The only way it should be considered a prize is if someone noted that. Your trade up doesn't have to be one item, it could be a few items that equal the value of the coin.

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