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  1. Hi All! I am looking for help once again. Maybe you experts can help me create an avatar for the caching group I started in 2004. The name of the local meet and greet group is F.A.M.E. it stands for "Fremont Area Meet and Eat" We are located in California just North of San Jose. We try to host and event once a month. I would like something that is clear to read. One idea I had was a map of CA, with a small star where Fremont is, and the letters F.A.M.E. running down the length of the state. But I am open to suggestions...please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your help!!!
  2. How about "10 4 10" Happy Birthday Geocaching! Then each of us could explain what our 10 caches were. We could all use this common phrase but then start the log with our own personal challange. For Example: "10 4 10" Happy Birthday Geocaching! Today I went caching with my brother and found 10 caches to celebrate 10 Years of Geocaching! or "10 4 10" Happy Birthday Geocaching! This cache is my 7th cache in 7 days to celebrate 10 Years of Geocaching! or "10 4 10" Happy Birthday Geocaching Finding this cache marks the 9th cache of 10 that I found on my lunch break to celebrate 10 Years of Geocaching!
  3. I started to make one last night with a juice bottle and two lids. I realized that they are fun to make and they are big enough to use as "C.I.T.O. Kit" containers. I will add a grocery bag and a sandwich makers glove and have a nice kit for less then 5 cents! Maybe the small micro sized containers can be used as stages of a multi? Or for an event game? Anyone else have some ideas on how we can use micro containers, but not hide the traditional micros?
  4. A 1 year RV rental so that I can tour the USA! Here is a nice route: Interstate 880 South CA Highway 87 West to US 101 South Interstate 10 East Interstate 95 North Interstate 80 West Interstate 880 South Home!
  5. If I am looking for a place to hide a cache and I stumble upon an unpublished cache and sign the log then log it online after it is published, is that cheating? I don't think so.
  6. I would use it to put on special TB tags, for a series of TB's sent out especially to celebrate 10 years of Geocaching.
  7. How far does this cache move again? I hope no other cache I go to find moves 1,000 feet!!! (I still like the idea of the cache)
  8. I am sitting here discussing this one at home. It was pointed out to me that it is possible the reviewer has more information then we do on the cache page. It is possible that the CO reported the coords of all the guardrails, and let the reviewer know that the cache would always be at one of these spots. Therefore it does fall within the rules of having a defined area, unlike a "movable" cache which was allowed to go anywhere and no one would know where. Now...where can I find a nice guardrail around here to use for my own version?!?
  9. Do yo know how long the guard rail is? It appears to be over 1,000 feet long with around 179 guardrail posts. Therefore I DO think a new GPS coord. would help, even if multiple people found it in the same day you would have an idea where to start. Also, all I said is it isn't in the spirit of the game.
  10. The only thing I don't like is the lack of a known spot for the cache coords. I wish the CO would ask people to post the new coords. when they move the cache, he could make that part of the puzzle aspect. I think the spirit of the game "Geocaching" (with capitol G) is that all caches are at a set location, which cachers can figure out by reading the cache page, or doing a puzzle. But, I really like the IDEA, it is different and interesting!
  11. I like the fact that the cache owner is clear that if you don't do the ALR's your cache will NOT be deleted. (just ridiculed)
  12. Can you please point me to Groundspeak's official rules about FTF? o v e r h e r e lll lll lll lll lll lll lll \/
  13. After a 5 year break from playing this game, I'm beginning to agree with you!
  14. Write Shop Robert says, "This is the way to test your GPS accuracy." (but his computer is off right now so I'm typing it here) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b7-30c4583a1fa7
  15. That's all fine and dandy but what about the one that was a legitimate find, other cacher's said the same thing, and yet their logs weren't deleted. Just my thought on it... -Dwight I linked to the procedure for having the logs restored. I did that in an effort to be helpful. I hope that the OP takes advantage of the appeal process described in the Knowledge Book. Thanks for the help Keystone. Could you be more specific as to what part of the link shows the procedure for having the logs restored? I am having a hard time seeing that in the knowledge book 5.6
  16. I think it died a rather lingering death which was not helped by the (misguided, IMO) intervention of some fresh vegetables in the summer. RIP Kid Cache. MrsB RIP PeeWee too!
  17. GCPFVM http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...0f-8ac31ce549f0 I was looking for the "PeeWee Herman" TB and happened upon this cache. I find the cache logs to be very interesting, what do you think?
  18. Thanks for being so generous. I wish there were more Geocachers that were as generous as you. Loved the cointest, I learned a lot about Geocoins while doing research for my guesses.
  19. I am not ashamed to guess twice in a row! Maybe... Travel Express Geocoin
  20. Just in case you have extras...I would love one of the: Travel Ingot Geocoins
  21. I figured it out! I finally got it! You have extra: $3 GeoWoodstock VIII Salmon Cachekinz™ and you want to share with the world!
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