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New marker-not in database


I recently found a new horizontal control marker. I notified the state advisor and he congratulated me and said it probably wouldn't be in the database for a couple of years. This is an NGS marker but was set by the state dnr. He gave me no tech. data on it. Of course it has no PID,but I found a 4-char ID at the state FBN site.


I have info on its location and two photos. Can I post this info and pics here? And if so, how do I get the pics in here? This disk is located in a scenic area (easy to find) and I'm sure alot of people would like to see it.


Yes, this is copy and paste from a previous post, but I haven't gotten an answer. I do think there should be a way to enter this stuff somewhere.

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Probably this is something Jeremy should speak to, but I believe the current geocaching.com database is derived from the NGS database, which has only a fraction - and perhaps only a small fraction - of all the officially placed survey marks in the United States.


Myriad state and local agencies, special purpose entities and others have placed survey marks such as the one you describe. One problem might be that whereas the NGS marks all have been assigned a unique PID number (e.g. AV4382), other systems will have inconsistent and perhaps overlapping ways of identifying their marks.


I found two marks yesterday while searching for other marks. I photographed them for the record, but I suspect that they may never appear on this site.


The NGS welcomes (well, accepts) submissions regarding a mark's status, and no doubt many other agencies that place adminster survey marks would do so, too, as you describe.

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