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Two bugs, one map?


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I wrote another post about this but got no response and I am afraid my title was not descriptive enough. Anyway, I am looking for a way to show two travel bugs on one map. I got some neat ideas I would like to implement that require this (or at least make it easier).


Can anyone help me?

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If it's just for you personally to watch the movement, then use google earth. That's how we keep track of all our bugs and coins movements. Download google earth and then open the bugs page and click on track on google earth. You can see all your bugs at once or one at a time. However, you can't transfer that map anyplace that I know of. Hope that helps!

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Well thanks for the replies. Maybe I will try to make my own page to do this. I just thought it would be fun to race travel bugs from one place to another. My friend and I want to try to have a good guy bad guy scenario and have the bad guy run from the good guy and if the good guy "catches" the bad guy then return him to a geojail. It would be lots of fun to watch the progress and or show others the progress so that they knew what to do next.

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