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I want a new GPS

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I have a Colorado 400t - I want a new one.


This is what I want.


I only want the features of paperless Geocaching. I want to be able to load files from the GPS to geocaching.com and back and forth. I dont need any other functions of my GPS as I do not use them. Any GPSr's out there that are made just for paperless geocaching that will come in handy for me?

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If I had to go in and buy one today - which I do, which would anyone say buy today for the features I want?? My Colorado 400T isnt working, too complicated, and has way too much stuff!

I'm not sure what you find to be too complicated about the Colorado (I'm not dissing you, what I mean is that there are many parts that can be complicated to figure out, and I don't know which one you're having trouble with). The Oregon is easier to use because of the touch screen. I would suggest going to a store to try it out. If you're near an REI, I believe they have classes as well.


You can customize the Garmins so that you don't see the screens you don't need.


The iPod Touch / iPhone may have the easiest to use interface (I don't know, I haven't used one before) but the GPS accuracy is nothing to write home about.

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for paperless caching and ease of use i would defiantly recommend the oregons, 300 and over. oregon 200 is kind of a joke the amount of features its missing. i've only had my 300 a few weeks now and its made caching a completely different experience for me its dead simple to use and spot on when tracking you to a cache

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