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new TB owner need help

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what's TB protocol? i 've read enough on the forums to know that they disapear at times, but i just placed it and it's been two weeks and the person that grabbed it has found 10+ since then, and it's not been dropped


First let me say I'm no TB guru!!


But, I've read here more than once that it sometimes takes a while for it to move. The person that took it may be behind on logging, or they may not have dropped it off yet.


Good Luck!!

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The person that picked up the TB is a fairly well seasoned cacher with what looks to be like a good record of TB moves.


Has been fairly busy as of late, mostly with micros.


Two weeks may be pushing it, but given his record, I wouldn't worry about it at this point. A month isn't really out of the question.

thanks, you seen to be well versed in our sport, and after having read,your comments in many threads i apreceate your input

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I just dropped off a TB, after having it for 9 months. Why did it take me so long? Because my daughter lost it in her room and we didn't find it until now. The original owner did e-mail me, but I can't remember how long he/she waited.


Personally, I'd give them a month or so. They could be saving it for a get together.

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