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  1. I've been guilty of this but for ammo cans. And they still didn't last long enough to justify the notebook
  2. My wife was just saying how putting a hinge on the cover. But that seemed like overkill. I like your idea. I have a drill press so this would be an easier option
  3. I don't know that anyone I knows has one, but that doesn't mean they do.
  4. I replaced a cache today that was a fake rock. The bottom, pull from bottom not slide, is damaged and not able to sit correctly. Has anyone found a suitable replacement for the bottom cover?
  5. Just tried geocaching admin and it works perfectly. Thanks!
  6. Arrrg, I have a similar question. I would like to see what caches used to be in an area. What problems were encountered, and why they were archived. Be good info to know, but it looks like that may not be possible.
  7. Here are a couple of which I'm aware: Team PodCacher's Treasure Cache (PTC) - But you'll have to get out of your armchair long enough to get to a mailbox. Trojan Horse 2 - Once upon a time, you were allowed to log a find by sending the solved puzzle coordinates to the owner. The cache description was changed, and it appears that nobody has vicariously logged a find since February. I looked at both, I'll be honest, I was confused, which in turn made be very uninterested
  8. The situation that I am recalling was where I listed the countries that I had cached in. This short list includes Italy. To which someone responded "Have you ever been to Italy?". I initially didn't know how to respond. I mean how do you cache in a country without actually going to that country. Apparently you can do it vicariously. I get the feeling that vicariously is the politically correct term for armchair caching. Actually, there exist caches on gc.com (most of them are not any longer active) that have been designed for armchair geocaching and could only be done in that way and no other way. Moreover, moving caches or caches that have been edited at a time when it was still possible to edit the country field after publication are further examples how a country could get into the list of countries visited for caching even though one has not been there. Note that when seeing a list it is not clear whether the list is a manual one or one which has been prepared automatically. Cezanne Armchair caches? Do tell
  9. What's a sleeping reviewer? I have a hard time doing anything while I'm sleeping
  10. As you may be able to tell, I use my real name on here (Greg Kelley), and my friend, who is new to caching, uses his real name as a user name as well. I have not had any issues with it. Perhaps others have had issues? I have not heard of any. I have thought about changing it, but solely for creativity sake. lol, as the hip kids say. This post is over two years old, and apparently Greg Kelley changed his mind by now. Note the quoted poster is "Viridios". Some people do become uncomfortable with it, and desire to change it. It hasn't come up too often, but this is definitely not the first thread about username change specifically because of having second thoughts about using a real name. I saw that, I was a bit confused there for a minute
  11. Banned member? What would "earn" someone the rare chance to be listed as one ? not that I want to be one
  12. Challenge cache? Are there many of them? It looks as if the one being discussed is a mystery. This sounds like something interesting I might like to do
  13. That's what I think is the biggest downfall with "that other QR code game". They require you to scan it within a small distance of GZ. That pretty much kills it for any tourists or anyone traveling outside of their cell provider's coverage area. That has been changed, there is now offline capturing
  14. My vote is for there to be a nano catagory. I don't mind the occasional nano in the rain washout. It made for a good challenge But.... The thing I hate most about nanos, - its not the view that i dont like, its not that that i disnt like the trains, its not that i dont mind looking for a cache, but there are four railraod cars, an oil derrick, and a waist high fence around the derrick. I refuse to spend the who knows how long it will take to search for a nano, at least give a small hint!!!!! Especially since the gps puts you in the road!!!! GC2WHMH (no disrespect to the CO it's just happens this is the most recent nano that has annoyed me)
  15. Well there are 44 cases of it in Oklahoma, 14 in Tulsa, I work in rent to own and I an outside a lot. I just watched a news report and one of the neighborhoods that they interviewed a case from is one I've been to about 5 times in the last two months
  16. Here in Tulsa we have a cache called DrunkSlide GCXWNW http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=378a89d7-00b5-4a63-8977-bb3d76d63f17 Well last years CITO event was at the park that.the cache is at, after a bit of CITO a group of about ten of us went after it,i know that it was a team effort getting back up to the trail. I earned myself a three inch scar on my leg from the rocks on the way down, Ive rolled in some PI a time or two, and caught a branch or two to the head
  17. Not when there are no people around. Good point
  18. Technically, wouldn't the meeting of two or more catchers on the FTF search count?
  19. I have a question, shouldn't this icon be on all geocache's attribute? Stealth is required to find almost any geocache
  20. Oh yeah, somehow I have a really hard time believing this since this cache is nowhere near Minnesota, however I'd I ever venture by there I would be glad to return Hamilton to his rightful owner. :0 What makes you think I never leave my home state? Now I never said that I didn't think that you don't leave your home state. I just assume that either you forgot to log the cache and it was the only one in the state you went after, or this bill had had a long flight from your pocket. And since you are the avid cacher you are, I find it unlikely that forgot to log a find.
  21. Some muggles had left some in a cache a year before I found it. They wrote in the log that they had taken $5 and left an equivalent amount of "green". It wasn't there when I found it, so one of the 5 finders between the muggling and my find must have CITO'd it. The cache was well-hidden (it took me a while to find, and I was intentionally looking for it!), in a nondescript area, on the top of a mountain. It was a multi, so it wouldn't show on the map at that spot. How those muggles found it, I have no idea. This is funny,
  22. I wouldn't say lame, but some consideration should be put into this
  23. You think this is awesome? Looks like ColdGears is running out of places to hides all those good deals fast enough. Not saying its a lame place to hide them, its just that some people think so. My fault for such a vague comment, this topic is great, interesting to read. I have been off of the forums for a while . Very entertaining, and I will add, I wouldn't say it's a lame place to hide, but maybe not the best of ideas??
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