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Don't Cache The Train

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There has been much ado about this cache (GC23884) link http://is.gd/90uQT


As stated in my rather verbose log, I contacted the local ward Councilor one Owen Kinahan.


Councilor Kinahan responded that he was ahead of me and that plans are already afoot to rectify the wrongs of Surrey Park. He mentioned they had had a raid on the homeless people staying there (I mentioned there was still at least one there) and that there had been a forming a community committee The Friends of Harfield Parks or some such similar name.


They are already planning a Paint It Day. As I reported in my log they have already erected a brand new sign and Councillor Kinahan gave the orders to the council folk to REMOVE the tatty estate agent sign.


So perhaps in a month or two people will want to Cache The Train.


I will ask for more information on this and perhaps those of you who hated the location could contribute some time to beautify it, not only contributing to the local community, and the greater good of the City of Cape Town, but also contributing to making this quick driveby cache more of a pleasure to do.


In fact if I get details of the Paint It day I will challenge all the finders who posted non-positive and negative logs to join me to make a difference. The only positive log was Wayne - but I'll challenge him all the same!


I'll even see if I can get Cpt George there to paint over the graffiti he inspired!



(trying to put his money where his mouth is - as filthy as money is, its better to have in ones mouth than ones foot!)

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Thanks Trev for all that extra info and effort. Maybe it's a good thing that one gets exposed to "the other side" a bit and heightens one's awareness of reality. I must say that one bit of grafiti is actually quite nice. Perhaps if one can rope in some art students to do a funky paint job it will cheer up that wall and probably discourage others from defacing it. A nice white wall is probably just an invitation to the informal graffiti artists. It would be a great gesture if we as geocachers can climb in and help tidy the place.

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Well talking about putting my Foot in my Mouth!


It was just suggested to me that I remove the offensive graffiti picture. I have done so until such time as I can doctor the image to make it family safe!


Thanks for pointing it out. I kind of thought about it and then just did it with out taking into consideration the offense it might cause.



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Challenge accepted Trevor...


My log was negative, and I would love to rectify it with a positive note...

If I can do my bit for this City that I so dearly love, either by painting or picking up garbage here at this park, I'll gladly be there...

Thanks for going the extra mile Trevor...

You taught us all a lesson here, .....stop moaning, and do something.....

Let me know when and I'll be there...

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I, who probably started all the "ado" with my negative log, am glad about the way things are turning out. It is starting to prove a point that negative logs DO get people thinking and that sometimes real good can come out of it as a result.

I really applaud Trevor for making lemonade out of lemons.

I would definitely be up for backing up my negative log with positive action. Like the idea of a CITO. We haven't had one here for a while. Count me in!


(As a small note, the original cache was placed far from the park, on the other side of the tracks. CapeGekos have done a good job of improving the cache by highlighting the park with the new location. I still stand firmly by my original conviction that the primary choice of cache location was a very poor one. I will continue to give wordy negative logs to any similar new caches, again in the ultimate hope of doing good. Hopefully I wont be alone. I hope that we have not started a trend of placing caches in areas "needing attention" to highlight them. I personally would much rather CITO events were held for that kind of location.)

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Ok I had no ideas that this was not the original place of the cache!!!!!!


Any way, the councilor gave me the name of the resident heading up the community committee and I have emailed him explaining the background of the cache. I explained to him that us geocachers are a environmental "green" bunch and explained to him the concept of a CITO cache event - So thanks for the suggestions - I was thinking of it already (Great minds thinking alike???)


I explained the general rule of publishing an event cache 2 weeks before the time and asked him to considere this when he sets his date!


If the date comes up earlier and we can;t get an official CITO status for the event those who want can just join in anyway!


Thanks for the support on this one guys! Much appreciated!


I'll keep this thread updated.






Not sure if I mentioned it before - but I emailed the Captain George pic to the Claremont Police Station suggesting that they send Captain George to paint it out himself - that is if there is a Captain George!!!

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Wow, ok, you go offline for a few days (ok a week or so) and this is what happens! Trevor, good on you for creating this thread and sparking some interest in a CITO event, I am more than willing to help organise the whole thing.


Being a Harfield resident I have noticed that we have lots of parks in need of maintenance but quite a few that are well maintained. In fact for a while I was contemplating creating a multi to show the nicer ones off. I then thought that would be boring (as I am sure most of you will agree) so never did it.


I have been working on a new cache to try and make people more aware of Harfield's history (which has some interesting bits and some old buildings still in place) and make a cache that might bring people to the area and they can pick up Dont Cache the Train on their way through. We are also one of the only suburbs who have a carnival every year - oh, and a Da Vincis (great pizza and you can draw on the tables).


Trevor, let me know when and how I can help, I owe it to my community.

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Wow! I never expected all this after GrantGo and I quickly placed the original cache in a rush as I was about to leave Cape Town. It's really cool to see what is happening and I'd like to say "good on ya" to Trevor for initiating this drive to clean the place up. Also, another thanks to Cape Geckos for turning our miserable cache into what seems like is becoming a popular one! Wish I could be there for the CITO but the 13000km trip is an expensive one to get there. Will make sure I visit the cache on my next trip to SA.

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I drove past the other day and nothing much has happened. I will contact the Councilor and the guy who was going to organise the community again and give them a nudge.




Should something have happened? I thought this was going to be organised as a CITO event ?

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