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  1. Hey Trev I am afraid that with Gmail you either have notifications on or off. You can have notifications for one account and not the other if you have multiple Gmail accounts so this may be your best option. What you can do is automatically sync only one of the gmail accounts which can be set up in settings, accounts from your home screen. Make sure the green sync symbol is highlighted for the account you want and off for the ones you don't. You can also change what notification tone is used for that account but not for individual emails within that account. Hope this helps a little. Cheers Evan
  2. Not sure why nobody has responded to this yet and it is always a bit difficult but let me give it a go... Yes, it is snake season. In the table mountain area you need to keep an eye out for cobras and puff adders but don't be too scared, they act about the same as your Ozzie snakes. The cobras tend to get out of your way so are less commonly seen. Puffies are a little lazy and don't tend to go away very quickly. Just keep an eye out and you should be just fine. Unfortunately there have been muggings on the mountain but if you are willing to walk around any large city in the world you probably stand more chance of being mugged there and not on the mountain. That being said, try not to carry large sums of money, don't draw attention to fancy cameras and the likes and maybe go with some other people. My suggestion on finding the best caches is to search for caches closest to table mountain and then sort by favourite points. Each is different and it depends on what you want to find, how long you want to spend finding, history, interest, size etc. Good luck and have fun though.
  3. IMHO: C:Geo is the best. It is free and you can import your pocket queries quite easily. It is great to have your local caches saved in your pocket and it allows you to log so makes paperless caching a breeze.
  4. No notification received as yet Trev but well done on your FTF even if only in the WC I got the Challenge app to work on my android and it found the local caches very easily. As long as it is a stroll up Lion's Head I may be interseted in joining you
  5. If you search as per normal search on your profile page from your home location it gives you a link at the top of the search which allows you to "Search for Challenges around this location". That may solve your problem
  6. Newlands Spring has been changed to a Photo Challenge http://www.geocaching.com/challenges/view.aspx?cx=CX6CE It doesn't tell you who created them which is a bit odd. Also, I wonder if they will ever turn up in the normal search list.
  7. Awesome, so tomorrow morning when we open our eyes and brave the cold we can check them out!
  8. Now how about we archive this topic and all get together for beers? I smell a making up event cache...
  9. I have been out of this game for a long time and have been reading this whole matter over the course of the day. Why not just end this forum topic with: Isn't it great that there is something for everyone to enjoy in this awesome sport/hobby? If you like 'em - hide 'em and find 'em. If you don't - don't. This community is too small (a good thing) to get worked up about all this.
  10. I am deleting my comment. I don't believe this forum topic should continue. Please refer to my post in the Power Trail topic.
  11. I'm all for it provided they don't get too saturated. There are so many beautiful places for tourists to visit in CT where even micros can't be placed.
  12. Great news! So do I understand correctly that they will show up in your smiley count but just as a different type of cache in your found i.e. multi, traditional, unknown etc? Also, only premium members can place them, right? There are so many fantastic places Geocaching can take you around the world where it is just not possible to hide a physical container. I used virtual caches to find all the best tourist spots in Beijing and was sad that they had disappeared completely. I have two cache locations with high muggle activity that these will be perfect for and I can finally get them back on the air with these types. Good on you Groundspeak for bringing them back with a twist.
  13. I highly recommend getting your hands on various options to play with before you make a final choice for yourself but here are my thoughts... I had an eTrex and loved it. Its accuracy was good and the fact that it was (or still is I guess if it didn't get lost) waterproof made it very cool when the heavens opened. But I have to admit that I was never happy with the buttons that you need to push to operate the thing. Then the Colorado came out and the Oregon soon therafter and I started a GPS fund in order to upgrade. Paddawan even lent me his Oregon 450 for a weekend to get a feel and I definitely preferred it to the Colorado. Then, once I had the fund close to my Oregon target, the Dakota came out and its size, battery life, waterproof-ness and the button problem solution made the choice simple in my mind. The Dakota 10 is limited in comparison to the Dakota 20 (which can take a micro SD card but still only handle 500 caches) and so with a helpful link suggestion from Cape Doc to look at www.iwarehouse.co.za I got the Dakota 20 for cheaper than a new Dakota 10 at Cape Union Mart and am happy as a Geocacher in mud. The ability to load OSMs came in highly useful during my trips overseas too. It really is a good product and wins/won my vote. The Oregon 550 is just plain beautiful but I can't justify that money and I don't like the size.
  14. @Andy - It is wonderful news that the app market is opening up more and more each day. @Chingha - I have played with Locus quite a bit and it access OSM to get the offline maps. I will definitely try your option out as well. Re battery life: I see most of the cellphone shops are selling a generic brand of batteries (white ones) for between R120 and R180 depending on your phone model. It seems like a cheap enough backup plan for when the Desire runs low. As a matter of interest, if you Root your Desire you can download a rom that will probably increase your battery life further as well as allow you to upgade to Honeycomb
  15. There is an official Geocaching app for Android other than c:geo Andy , have sent you an email with the how to. Drop me a line.
  16. The only app i can find is the GeOrg BCaching Connector. Any chance you would be willing to send us this app or the creators details so I can get my hands no it? I managed to get the official Geocaching App and i found it quite easy to use but would like it to do all the same stuff gcz could.
  17. Thanks for the feedback. It seems we droid users are destined to use a black background then since even cgeo does this. I find cgeo not very user friendly and am assuming that the official app is since it was, surely, developed by cachers themselves. If i had a choice i would use gcz but really don't want to carry a third device for caching. I guess i will just wait and see when it becomes available...
  18. I saw Locus and am considering purchasing it. Tapatalk looks good too as do the business card readers which come in very handy. Re the Geocaching app: come one Groundspeak, make it happen! FASTER!
  19. Well it appears that the Geocaching app is one that is still not available. Now I don't know if this becasue of the phone or if it is the country. Maybe someone else knows the answer to this?
  20. Awesome news! Will definitely be buying the Geocaching app tonight.
  21. Ok. I found a glitch in one of them but the others all appear to be ok. Hopefully the next time someone creates an "unknown" it will notify me. I have changed the distance to be huge as a test.
  22. I did check and am missing one "traditional" and one "unknown" out of the list in today's newsletter. I think I am getting all the "multis" but can't be sure. I didn't get the "earth cache" but that is cause it is just out of range (23km).
  23. The newsletter has a 100km radius - cool, no problem there. I do not receieve any cache notifications outside of the 20km radius and I receive some, but not all, that are within this radius. I guess I must try reset the notifications. "Have you tried switching it off and then on again" (from The IT Crowd) comes to mind.
  24. I had a problem with notifications and logs a little while ago. It turned out that gmail had marked these messages as spam and was putting them all in the spam folder. I later realised that this is probably because when the SA TB race started, all contestant's were on my watch list. This meant that over the first few days of the race, my mailbox was suddenly bombarded by hundreds of emails from Groundspeak and Gmail thought it must be spam This may not be the same problem you are having, as you say you are receiving the newsletter, which comes from the same "noreply" address. IT is not blocking any. I checked and they have Groundspeak on the white list.
  25. I have checked my notification settings and have them down at 20km radius of my home co-ordinates (also checked). I have the identical settings for all types of caches published. I have checked them and those caches published and no notifications received are within the specified radius.
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