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help with topo maps

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i have written numerous topics about this but still have not found an answer that will suffice. i would search for other posts like this but for some reason this site does not like 4 letter words like topo or maps. so....


so heres my story.. i had a 60 csx.. but the buttons stopped working so i took it back to REI and had it replaced... however, on that gpsr i had topo and roads for my state. I do know that you can go to gpsfiledepot.com and get them but i do not remember copying the maps(you have to select the maps you want to upload) and then sending them to my gps. i dont remember exactly what i did but i know it wasnt this... is there any other way to obtain the maps beside gpsfiledepot WITHOUT purchasing the maps (i was and still am... a cheapskate).


my 60csx does not currently have topo maps... my previous one did. both were brand new.



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Your previous GPSr might have come bundled with Garmin's TOPO product; however I think you would have had to install them on a 60csx.

Roads could have been OpenStreetMaps, but they do not have topo.

Was a gmapsupp.img made from a gpsfiledepot mapset transfered from another unit?

The memory issue needs some attention.

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As far as street maps go, check out the Ibycus USA maps - it includes practically ALL streets covering the ENTIRE US (including Alaska and Hawaii) for FREEEEE!


Developed by a Canandian college student using data from the US Census bureau, the guy could use a donation, but it's not necessary.





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From the referenced ibycus website:

The data for these maps was sourced from the US Census Bureau's "TIGER" database (2007 First Edition). ... More or less the whole country is included in this version, with the exception of a few counties

The State and regional mapsets hosted on gpsfiledepot use 2008 or 2009 Census data and all include more of the standard feature types found on published topo maps/quads; some in more detail than in the files from Census.

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