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King of California Movie (Geocaching Reference?)


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Just seeing if anybody has seen "King of California" starring Michael Douglas and Evan Rachel Wood. I just got watching it tonight and there is a spot about 14 minutes in that Michael Douglas looks like he is caching. When he is driving down the road he has his handheld GPS out and tells his daughter to stop on the side of the road, then back up a little, and he hops out of the car and into the woods on the shoulder. His daughter finds him digging around in the shrubs looking for buried treasure. He is looking for lost Spanish treasure throughout the movie and you'll have to watch the movie to find out what happens.


Here is a link for the trailer:

King of California Trailer

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Well, the trailer shows Douglas:

1. prowling a CostCo parking lot (check)

2. being released from an asylum (double-check--at least with my caching buddies)

3. using a pointy object to digfor treasure? (nah, couldn't be a geocacher!).


Interesting, though, so I might have to see it!


The director may not have realized (or cared) that geocaches are never burried.

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