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  1. Possibly a Pathtag which is loggable at www.pathtags.com
  2. Here is a link with a bunch of different geo-art examples. Lists by US State and country. GeoArt From Geocachers Compass
  3. This might be exactly what you're taking about. Aurora, TX cemetery is the site of a UFO crash and possible alien body from back in 1890's. Location is N-NW of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It has a geocache in it GC10TM6 Final Rest Stop Aurora and has been featured in plenty of news articles and videos. Here is just a list of videos and news articles: History Channel 2005 UFO Files YouTube Documentary YouTube Marker reward Wikipedia Entry Ft Worth Star Telegram
  4. Too late to compete but you can still attend and get credit for a Mega. Registration closed three weeks ago. Should try the non-competitive event in the fall or wait for next years Challenge. Since you're in the Houston area I suggest you get involved with Houston Geocaching Society at www.hgcs.org or with Texas Geocaching Assoc at www.txga.net. This will help get you involved, keep you informed and meet other cachers.
  5. Sorry for the bad German, using Google Translate and haven't spoke German in 20 years. I will have a 8-hour layover at Frankfurt Airport on April 13th, 2014 around noon and was hoping maybe a friendly geocacher could take me geocaching for about two hours during this time. Of course you would have to pick me up from Terminal C and drop me back off about two hours later. I think a good spot to meet me would be just outside the USO facility at Terminal C. Geocaches of your choice or ones you have or have not found. English speaking preferably. I'm just trying to waste some time and geocache in the country of Germany. Please message me if you would be willing to help. I only read and speak English, sorry. ================================================================================================================================ Sorry für die schlechte Deutsch, mit Google Translate und nicht in 20 Jahren Deutsch sprach. Ich werde einen 8-stündigen Zwischenstopp am Flughafen Frankfurt am 13. April 2014 um die Mittagszeit zu haben und hoffte, vielleicht könnte ein freundlicher Geocacher Geocaching mich für etwa zwei Stunden während dieser Zeit. Natürlich haben Sie würde um mich abzuholen vom Terminal C und schick mir wieder aus etwa zwei Stunden später. Ich denke, ein guter Ort, um mich zu treffen wäre nur außerhalb der USO Anlage am Terminal C. Geocaches Ihrer Wahl, oder diejenigen, die Sie haben oder nicht gefunden werden. Englisch sprech bevorzugt. Ich versuche nur, etwas Zeit und Geocache im Land Deutschland verschwenden. Bitte Nachricht mich, ob Sie bereit wären, zu helfen. Ich nur lesen und sprechen Englisch, sorry.
  6. Normally on 4-5 hr drives I grab a notepad and pen, on each stop I write down the GC code and one to three word statement on the notepad so I can rememeber, then I get to the destination and log-on to the website and log the caches. This allows a quick cache & go.
  7. Just had some San Antonio cachers down here in Corpus Christi today. I think most belong, and compete in the TX Challenge, as South Texas. Go to South Texas Geocaching Assoc at WWW.stxga.com.
  8. Here is a topic that should cause some heartache. Would you consider geocaching a hobby or sport? Definitions from Dictionary.com: Sport (noun) 1. an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc. 2. a particular form of this, especially in the out of doors. 3. diversion; recreation; pleasant pastime. 4. jest; fun; mirth; pleasantry: What he said in sport was taken seriously. 5. mockery; ridicule; derision: They made sport of him. Hobby (noun) 1. an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation: Her hobbies include stamp-collecting and woodcarving. 2. a child's hobbyhorse. 3. Archaic. a small horse. My opinion it is a hobby, where there are no winners/losers, no uniforms, no practice sessions for the big game, no playoffs, and no championship. I think of a sport where people work out and stay in shape to be better than the next opponent. There is a little athletic activity involved in geocaching, for example long hikes through the wilderness, rock climbing, swimming, canoeing, stretching, and jumping to name a few, but overall I think it doesn't take a bunch of energy to do a majority of the caches. So it drives me nuts when I see geocaching referred to as a sport. I played sports or competitive activites majority of my life, and done some physically tough geocaches, even competed in the Texas Challenge, but bottom line is that geocaching doesn't earn the title of a sport. Now I can see where some cachers consider it a sport b/c the the stat chasing or FTF hunt, but to me it is still a hobby. ......and go with the responses....
  9. So I zoom into Rachel, NV on Geocaching Maps and I get the Colonel Sanders KFC logo appearing in the middle of the desert. What gives?
  10. - I'm guilty of waiting to log a FTF for a day or two to get even at the local FTF hounds in my area. But I'll add to the list of PET PEEVES: - Pet peeve #1: Cachers not logging trackables, which leads to showing up to a cache expecting a trackable and not seeing any. So now I have to write notes on each trackable for the owner to mark as missing. -Pet Peeve #2: Cache owners putting out a new cache and published with bad coordinates, or actual cache not even there b/c they weren't expecting to be published that quick. -Pet Peeve #3: Cache finders not putting any thought into their logs. Can understand copy/paste for a large amount of finds in one day though. -Pet Peeve #4: Caches in very public places or with security cameras looking right at GZ.
  11. Within the past two weeks I've been seeing new cachers (0-25 finds) in my area claiming found/not found/needs maintenance but not writing anything in the log portion. I know each player plays their own way and such, but it's starting to get to me. If a cache owner makes an effort to hide a cache then the finder should put effort into describing the cache/hunt in the log. So is this a problem stemming from newbies not knowing the general guidance on how to log or is it a Geocaching.com server issue? I have sent the new cachers and email pointing out the fact that logs should be put in the find but haven't had any responses. And I've started deleting the logs b/c how do I know if they really found the cache or not. Thoughts?
  12. My wife seems to think it was a "Grave Digger" episode where a federal agent went rogue and killed people and gave coordinates to meet for evidence disposal. Maybe the title of the episode may be wrong though.
  13. Not every GPS reads the same, for example a Garmin and a Magellen will read slightly different coordinates at the same spot. Also there is an accuracy error depending on reception for each unit. So if one unit has 8' error and other unit has 12' error you start getting into 20' error range.....possibly.
  14. GeoBeagle works very good on my HTC Hero (basically same thing as a Moment). I use it with the GPS Toolkit. Just try each of them and see how you like each one, can always uninstall the app from your phone.
  15. Just seeing if anybody has seen "King of California" starring Michael Douglas and Evan Rachel Wood. I just got watching it tonight and there is a spot about 14 minutes in that Michael Douglas looks like he is caching. When he is driving down the road he has his handheld GPS out and tells his daughter to stop on the side of the road, then back up a little, and he hops out of the car and into the woods on the shoulder. His daughter finds him digging around in the shrubs looking for buried treasure. He is looking for lost Spanish treasure throughout the movie and you'll have to watch the movie to find out what happens. Here is a link for the trailer: King of California Trailer
  16. Just seeing if anybody else has had great view or different angle of a geocache zone (GZ) without actually finding the cache. For example, here is mine from today (2 Feb 2010): - View from 5,000', 400 kts and 30-degree dive targeting Loom Lobby Target in Southern California - Another view from 8,000', 300 kts and east of target setting up for another bomb run If the link doesn't work here is the cache: Bomb Yard - GC1ANBJ: Click here for link Tried to get out here in a small 2WD before to actually find it but the dirt was too soft and thick. So why not take some photos from the T-45 Goshawk, which is the Navy and Marine Corps jet trainer. We were out teaching the young students how to perform air-ground bombing. Nothing like pointing your nose at the ground in a steep dive, flying around 500 mph, and pulling 6 G's. And to think I actually get paid to do this!!!
  17. I've been getting the same error within the past two months, honestly just thought it was my phone. GC WAP was working great before that but at some point the bug popped up and I've had to revert to other means to log caches. Glad to know it's the WAP program. If the GC reps are watching this board, please fix.
  18. Today I found a full GPS system, granted it was an old school Magellan Roadmap 760 (discontinued model) without the cradle and cigarette lighter power adapter, but I can buy those on E-Bay for cheap. So now, instead of driving around with 2 operating GPS's in the truck I can drive around with 3, plus my satellite radio receiver on the dash. Can never too many electronics I guess.
  19. Try going to "Its Not About The Numbers" at http://www.itsnotaboutthenumbers.com I found this to be a little easier to understand if you don't want all the eye candy. So to get your information loaded follow these steps: 1) Go to "My Profile" on the GC website 2) Click "Build Pocket Queries" in the right column 3) Under the "My Finds" section, click the "Add to Queue" button 4) GC will email your finds pretty quickly as a ZIP file, just save this ZIP file to your computer 5) At the ItsNotAboutTheNumbers homepage you'll see the "Load Your Latest" box, just browse for your ZIP file and submit 6) When it's done submitting just have a look around at your stats, and to put them in your profile page go to the "HTML Export" section and click the charts you want 7) Your profile on the GC website will need to read as HTML code, which you can find available on the internet Good luck.
  20. Or you can find a military surplus store around your area and buy ammo cans directly from them. That'll save you the shipping costs, although the gas prices to get there might offset the savings. I think ammo cans in military surplus stores run $5-$7. Worth a try.
  21. Since this discussion is about ticks, let me discuss why my wife refuses to geocache with me anymore, especially in the deep woods. During Aug 2007 we went to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA. On the way home (4-hr drive back to NC) I stopped to grab a cache or two. Well the last cache was in the woods. I found it, swapped some TBs and SL......and thought that was easy, no big deal. As we were driving from the cache site to a gas station my wife said "hey, that's a new freckle" while looking at her leg. Upon closer inspection is was a baby tick. About two seconds later, it was "oh crap, they're all over me". I just thought they got on her, but I stopped and took a my legs, and guess what, I was covered in baby ticks too. Apparently we had gotten into a tick nest, and all the babies were now on us, and crawling on our shoes, pants, socks, and legs. So after a gas fill-up we spent about 30-45 minutes picking and wiping the ticks off of us, I would say in the hundreds of ticks. The gas station worker came out and asked if we were OK. Luckily we had a change of clothes in the car so all the infested clothes and shoes were thrown in the trunk. Now was the fun 4-hr drive back home. Every little body itch we got freaked out on. Finally we got home and threw all the clothes and shoes in the washer, on the very hot cycle. Not a very good tick experience. Big ticks are OK because you can see them and pry them out, but those baby ticks are little monsters.
  22. Does anybody out there where to start on solving Steganography. I have a cache near my house that I need help solving. I've never seen or done this before. The answer should read something like N 34 (or 35) xx.xxx and W 076 xx.xxx This cache is located within an area used for hunting. Please check the schedule for the latest information. I would hate to see someone get hurt just to find a cache. NOTE: This is a puzzle cache. The cache is not located at the posted coordinates. Captain Okonokos with his lost souls were a league of killer pirates in search of great treasure. Their conquest began in the seas old Nova Scotia down the coast to Florida. They destroyed all ships they came across. They would gather all their treasure after sinking their ships, before moving on to their next target of the high seas. Even Blackbeard feared Cpt. Okonokos. He avoided him at all cost as he would not want to loose the treasure he had collected. Cpt. Okonokos was indeed the feared man of the high seas! Towards the end of the torrent times he and his lost souls scoured the seas, he had wanted to steal the riches within New Bern. New Bern held the crowned jewels of the Queen herself, everything you could think of was there. The Queen was to visit, of course money was going to follow as she had to be well protected from all things that might get in her way. Vanity was abound with her visit to New Bern, the Queen was not going to look like a common person. Cpt. Okonokos was to plan the greatest capture of diamonds, gold and other treasure that would let him and his men live rich for the rest of their lives. The thing Cpt. Okonokos did not expect was that the queen expected them to attack. They were lucky though, they were dead before the ship even sank. Additional Hints ( Encrypt ) walk the plank
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