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And LITTLE TRAIN NUT received a package today, with American sweets included. No photos, as 2 yo loved the sweets. But fortunately, not so much that he could not sleep!


Many thanks to both senders, hopefully will tell you more in another week.



All special


Home, and off to visit LITTLE TRAIN NUT today, who told me he ate his sweets all up! No photo, unfortunately, but a lovely pathtag (train) around the neck of a toy dog. Plus a DVD of Thomas, which his Daddy is setting up on his computer so he can watch it, and another geocoin and oakbuck. THANK YOU from LITTLE TRAIN NUT. I'm told he got some PEEPS for sweets.


AND, they gave me my mission, which was waiting for me. Thank you Penny&Kona.

What a lovely treat - OTT mission - 2 Dark Onyx coins, A Red Morpho, a pink glitter Loved your cache, a Pot-o-Gold AND a Crake geocoin, and more - a pathtag. And to sweeten it even more, PEEPS - three double packs to share with LITTLE TRAIN NUT, peanut butter eggs, a pack of mini eggs AND two pack of gourmet jelly beans. Photos taken, camera played up, hope to post the photos soon.


MANY, many thanks for this wonderful, family focused mission. :laughing:;);)

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Name: Lorca ( doggie girl )

Email sent: Jepp 19~01~2010

Received name: Jepp 02~03~2010 :)

Outgoing Mission sent: Jepp yesterday 04~03~2010 :)

Incoming Mission received: JEAHHHHHHHH TODAY :):)


today my mam bring my package home with her cause she had to pick it up on the post office and fookzz it was a big BIG BOX............

mam open it toghter with me and i was SMILINGGGGGGGGGG to see what`s all in it.......



when my mam did take everything out so that she could make a pic`zzzzz i could`t wait to get the toyzzzz...



there was a lobster leg and a bottle and a pink/grey flosh and candy dog candy and choco but that was for mam i may not have it ;) but i don`t care mam may have it i LOVE the TOYZZZZZZ :P:lol:

but Bruno did like the toyzzz to and he run off with the bottle.....



mam did try to take it back for me but i said DON`T DO MAM I HAVE A PINK FLOSHHHHHHh....



in the package where also three coinzzzzzz very beautiful one`zzzz special that BIKE on my mam love to bike and we are in a bike country there are lot of people that are have bike accident`zzz here so my mam is so so HAPPY that she finaly has one of those coinzzzzzzz she was SMILINGGGGG BIGGGG ...........



so my mam was admire the coinzzzzzz and eat a choco bunny and the rest of the package i thought here is my change.....

my BIG CHANGE to start eating my COOCKIE`ZZZZZZZ :):):)




Bruno is playing i`m playing and eating and mam is looking at the coinzzzzzz we all are VERY VERY HAPPYYYY.......

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Mission 1(me)

Email sent: Yes, January 17, 2010

Received name:Yes

Outgoing Mission sent:Yes

Incoming Mission received:Yes


Mission 2: Cheddar (cat)

Email sent: Yes, January 17, 2010

Received name:Yes

Outgoing Mission sent:Yes

Incoming Mission received:Yes


Mission 3: Nutmeg (cat)

Email sent: Yes, January 17, 2010

Received name:Yes

Outgoing Mission sent:Yes

Incoming Mission received:Yes


First let me say sorry it has been so long since I've been on. Life has gotten busy and demanded more time than I had.


Second, all missions have been received! I don't remember who I got them from, but I do remember that they well all wonderful. Sorry I don't have picts. :)


Thanks again to all my mission people! You are great!

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Email sent


Received Names


Outgoing Missions Sent (today)


First Mission Received!



Second Mission Received


I am so naughty - I had forgotten about this mission because the first Australian Mega Event is happening over Easter, and I keep forgetting about other Easter things.....anyway I received the BIGGEST box ever in the mail, and upon opening it - found that it was packed full of Dutch goodness!!! Lorca had sent me my mission package, and it is MARVELLOUS!!!!! So I sent mine off today - hope the recipients like what I've sent.


PS Lorca - I sent you a 'mission' too - just because you are the BEST!

PPS Lorca - I will post photos, although Piglet has already eaten all his chocolate, and is eyeing off mine :D:blink:

PPPS Lorca - that 'extra' silver you sent is beautiful!!!!!!!!! :) Thank you! xx

I'm so sorry Millieballoon!! I did post I had received my mission (see above), but I was so overwhelmed by Lorca's I forgot to add yours!


And I loved it!! Thank you so much for everything you sent! Unfortunately I didn't take pictures, as everything was snapped up by the 10 year old too fast! But thank you again, and yes I did receive it :D

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