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Noob Greetings & GPS Talk


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AKA Mentor Wanted! :lol:


Hi all


New girl in town and living in the gorgeous Prescott Valley, Az. Just joined the site as a premium member so will be learning about all the functions and offerings.


I stumbled over a cache accidentally last year while checking out an historical marker/graveyard and was officially hooked, though I'd been familiar with the site and concept for awhile before then. I was given a Magellan sports trak GPS but wasn't very intuitive and had no manuals, cables or anything and couldn't figure out how to use it.


Anyway, I'm browsing Amazon ready to order something solid, reliable, and easy to use in the $300 range.


I'm seeing high reviews for the Garmin Rino, so thought I would post and ask if anyone here is using it and how it fares for a complete noob and anything I might need to be aware of, and especially if I'll end up spending more $ on back end accessories that I will need but that don't come with (and worse, aren't even mentioned).


Finally, if anyone is in Prescott Valley Az area, I would love to meet you. We're relatively new in town too and I've had little opportunity to meet people so far. Geocaching buds would be ideal!


Thanks in advance. I think the email is shown, maybe in profile if you prefer that option too.


Have a great evening!

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I don't know about the Rino but I have a Garmin Colorado 400T and, though I'm not really a noob, it's pretty noob friendly. You can get them for around $300 but they won't come with good maps. Many will tell you there are free maps available.


Might I suggest the GPS and Technology forum for more advice?

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Thanks :lol:


Actually, I went with the Garmin Rino 120 w/ 2 way radio...and picked up the Idiot's Guide v.2 while there :o And because I'm awake and all focused on it, went with the expedited shipping for tomorrow...which is when I'm sure I'll be back with my gazillion and 4 questions on how the thing works!


So sleep well...I'll be back!

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A Rino is nice but it is really only useful if you cache with other people who use a Rino. It broadcasts its location so Rino users can see each other on the map screen. Pretty cool for hunters, skiers and any groups of outdoors people who split up. It also has a FRS and GMRS radio for staying in touch with your partners.


I don't see the feature as much use for geocaching though.


If you want solid and reliable you can't beat the Garmin 60CSX. It has been around a long time and is still very popular among geocachers, for good reason. If you want ease of use the Garmin Oregon line is very intuitive, though a little pricy.


The main thing you may need to buy on the back end would be maps. The 60CSX doesn't come with them, other than a fairly useless base map. Some of the Oregons (400T and 500T) come with topo maps included.


If you want to unit to give you turn by turn driving directions City Navigator is another map product you would need to buy. If you already have a GPS for the car then that isn't necessary.

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