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Garmin Venture HC -- shutting off fix


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Hey guys, so I just got off the phone with Garmin tech support and what a pain in the rear that was. I had searched for a fix to the Garmin's shutting off without much luck and finally called Garmin tech support to help fix our Venture HC. Thought I would post this in hopes that someone else might save a little time when they have the same issue.


Your Venture HC's may eventually crash if you don't keep them updated with current software that comes out about every 6 months. Thing is, by updating the software you lose anything you've programmed into your Garmin-- so you have two choices, update and lose it on your terms, or take your chances and maybe never have any issues or have it go dead while out caching like ours did.


Should you choose to update the software because it either crashes (the Garmin screen loads like normal, then lines go through the entire screen and it turns off) or because you are doing preventative maintainence, here is how to do it:


1) To update the software, you need to go to Garmin's site and download and install the WebUpdater:



2) Unit is NOT plugged into the computer --

While the WebUpdater is downloading/installing, reset your garmin by pressing these buttons all at the same time, in this order:

* the upper right button

* the joystick STRAIGHT down (make sure it's not leaning to a side or up or down)

* the power button


It may flash at you -- keep holding them down until the screen appears that asks you if you want to reset your unit -- click yes.


3) Next, to get to the test screen, press, in this order:

* the joystick STRAIGHT down

* the power button


A screen with technical information should appear on the screen.


4) Plug the unit into the computer and run the WebUpdater. Follow the prompts.


If it keeps shutting off, start back at Number 2 and try again. I had to do this SIX times before it worked.


I asked the lady at tech support why it would be having issues if you didn't update it -- wouldn't it make sense that it should continue to work properly like when you bought it even without the update? She told me that after the unit has run the same programs so many times it gets "tired" and needs to be updated. Sounds like BS to me.


I know of three HC's that have had this same issue now. I think I'm gonna put it on my calendar to check for updates every six months.

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I back mine up. I use easygps instead of mapsource because unlike mapsource, easygps actually works consistantly.


If you have a handheld gps, or any gps for that matter, it doesn't really make sense NOT to update it. Gps's aren't really a buy it and forget it item. Software, satillites, and data change, the unit needs to be updated to work properly, weather it shuts off or not.

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