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I got hooked on geocacheing when going out with my grandaughter. There's just one problem. I'm pc illiterate. I bought a Garmin 60 CSx because research made me think it was the best. I don't know how to use it. I signed up for GSAK but can't make heads or tails of it. I bought a small lap top but it's of no use to me because I can't do GSAK. I have 60 finds which I think is OK but would like to do better. I'm looking for someone near me who would be willing to do some one on one turoring. It probobly doesn't sound like it but I really am a quick learner. I live in Hemet. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee. Please contact me at maaem@aol.com Thank you

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If you have not already done so, begin by going through the "getting started" topics for GSAK. Start at the beginning and (as boring as it may be) go through each step in order. Do not skip steps and do not read ahead.


GSAK can be intimidating at first, particularly with a unit like the 60Csx that requires some manipulation of the information on the cache page to cram it all into the available comment space on the unit. I'd suggest ignoring that stuff for now. Just use GSAK to get your pocket query onto the unit using the default settings. That will get you the cache name and coordinates, which is the important stuff.


Start with the Getting Started topic in help:




and pay particular attention to the GSAK 101 document:




Can't speak to the mechanics of getting started with the 60Csx. Hopefully, somebody who owns one will chime in.


What unit were you using before you got the 60Csx?

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Maaem, next Saturday, load up all your electronics stuff, GPSr, cables, extra batteries, and that little laptop into a backpack, and cache on over to N 33° 48.626 W 116° 32.693 in Palm Springs for GC1W9DG at 4pm. There will be a group of addicts there who have absolutely no intention of quitting :lol: . Tell them you are new to this and need help. You will make a ton of geeky new friends, many of whom would love to help you. You will probably end up finding a bunch of caches with them. And you won't have to pay any one anything.

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GSAK is too advance for beginners, imo.


Your 60CSx came with MapSource, Garmin's software for creating and installing waypoints from your laptop. I like it and even though it has a lot of features, it is very user-friendly compared to GSAK. EasyGPS is another user-friendly software you can download free.


Good luck.

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