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maps not showing on the geocaching site


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So I'm gonna be heading to work in a few and figured I'd check the site to see if there were any member caches along my regular route since I just recently upgraded. Problem is, the map doesn't show up. The bar along the right does with the checkboxes and the refresh map button, but the actual map stays gray. Nothing I've done can get it to show up, any suggestions?

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I noticed the map isn't showing on the cache pages either and when I try to hit fast reply on these forum, that doesn't work either, gonna try a few things out and see where it goes, not a gc.com issue, so I'll let this drop until I figure it out and post back with what fixed it, just for searches if it happens to someone else

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I have the same issue - the map simply gets stuck at "loading map" and there's no TCP I/O. I'm on Firefox 3.5.3.


on 3.5.3 as well, this is a bummer, having to use safari for the time being, which is okay... but poopy having to go back and forth...


I found a beta build of 3.6 and everything is working fine now, though I did lose a bunch of my addons I was using before. So if it bothers you enough, try that out B)

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