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NGS State Archive Database

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Has anyone had trouble downloading state archives? When I log in to http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/ds_archive.prl and get the list of states and choose Pennsylvania, I get an error message "SORRY - Currently no data exists for". I have tried for nearly a week and get the same message. Am I doing something wrong (I've done this before) or are the state archives database out of order? I'd hate to go in and download individual datasheets. :huh:

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Thanks for the heads up, AZcachemeister. We keep some Boogey Boards and rafts handy in the garage. Also, both my Jeep and TeddyBearMama's car have those neat window-breaker hammers within arms reach of the driver at all times (true!)


But after the Big One, you will have ocean front property, right?

And then you can help NGS convert many Arizona vertical control marks to Tidal Benchmarks.

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BD Trackers, What would be the correct 2 letter code for California? I don't see a CA.ZIP.


Hmmm, that's creepy. I guess you could write the webmaster.

Alternatively, there is one here. A few months old, but not so bad.


Weird/creepy/prophetic...? <_<

Does the NGS know something we don't? :D

Klemmer, get out of there! :o


Is there a Je on there?

Maybe there has been a vote we didn't hear about and the State of Jefferson is now a reality.

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