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favorite paperless tool

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I have a GPSMAP 60 CSx and a Treo 700p with Cachemate. I have heard of a cable with which I can link the two, but I am unable to find such a thing on the internet. Anyone know about this that can point me in the right direction?
These kind of connections are non-trivial. The nature of USB is that there is a master and a slave--a computer and a peripheral device. The computer (and its software and drivers) own the connection, and the connected device--a camera, GPSr, printer, mouse, responds to the computer. The A plug goes in the computer and is considered "upstream"... The B plug is the peripheral end, whether normal (like most printers) or micro (like cams and GPSrs). The 5v power is assumed to be coming from the computer end, and like ethernet, the transmit and receive pairs "flip" pins in the cable.


In the case you are talking about you have two peripheral devices. It can be done, but it isn't as easy as it sounds. The treo has to have a device driver that knows how to talk to and control the data stream of the 60... and in this case, because both are peripherals, what you really need is a B-to-B cable, the equivalent of an ethernet crossover cable or in the real old days, a null modem cable. Just seems like there's no easy way to get there. A-to-A cables are available, but they use the 5v coming from one end or the other to power a tiny passive hub molded into the middle of the cable... And don't solve your problem.

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My only caching device is the Nuvi 255w. Huge capacity (I have 2800 POIs on it right now), the entire cache sheet, recent logs, proximity alerts, automatic clue decoding, and the ability to navigate both on and off road.


It lacks a good compass screen, but if you have a widescreen version, you can read the coordinates on the satellite screen. And, if I zoom all the way in on the track-up screen, I have a pretty good sense of when I'm nearing GZ.


It doesn't have the best accuracy under tree cover, but I'm learning to work around that with some extra care and good sense. Basically, I try to develop a good idea of the cache location before leaving the trail... and look a little harder for geotrails then I might if I had a high-sensitivity receiver.


I totally agree!! I got my refurbished Nuvi 255w from CompUSA.com and I LOVE it. It works well and was super cheap. After tax & shipping plus a $10 three month premium membership, total cost to go paperless was just under $150. Sure you have to go back online and log the finds when you get home, but that's half the fun anyway!


It does have its weak points, it is not very accurate at times. I can rely on the zoomed in map view, but that's only useful if I'm near a street. I'm sure many caches in state parks or nature trails would be harder to pinpoint this way. But with a little intuition and studying your surroundings you can find the caches pretty quickly.


The fact that it holds an unlimited number of caches with full description/logs/hints is what won it for me. I can literally drive down the road and bing - bing - bing it tells me when caches are nearby!

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I am to be perfectly honest, a fair weather cacher. Sun shining, ground not to wet, some free time and I'm good to go. For years I was caching with a Garmin GPSMAP 76s. The "s" was supposed to be for sensors or some such and better sensitivity. It was great, but keeping a folder full of caches handy was a pain. Winmobile phone with a web browser let me lose the paper, mostly, but still it was just electronic paper.


With the availability of 3G it was time to upgrade my phone.


Enter the Droids I WAS looking for. After seeing a youtube by Knight007 (Jacob) I decided that yes, yes, these ARE the Droids I'm looking for! I started with a G1 (because it had a slide out keyboard) and then fairly quickly excahnged it for the MyTouch 3G because it was smaller, sleaker, sexier in Merlot, and had more than double the memory of the G1.


Went to the app Market and got GeoBeagle and Radar and set about caching. Not bad, but not quite perfect because it used the wrong datum format and that annoyed me. Made things a little bit more frustrating requiring that I first translate the datum then store it for use. Then I found GPS Status and my world opened up.


As Radar goes it's light years more advanced than plain old radar. Shows where I am, and where I'm going with elevation, bearing, compass, target coordinates and current coordinates all taken right out of GeoBeagle and in the right format no less! Oh baby, paperless caching and then some! The MyTouch 3G hardware is head and shoulder more accurate than my old Garmin, faster, in COLOR, bigger screen, with a built in camera (no need to carry a camera) and direct connection to Geocaching.com from the cache to log finds.


I just load up all the GPX files into my phone and I can go caching on the drop of a hat. Total no brainer. Fast, easy, no fuss, muss, or paper!


I take my phone, keys, a pen and off I go.


Droid DOES!



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Standard Baseplate compass and two eyeballs.


How do you store cache info in that?


I wouldn't go into the woods without one, but it's hardly a "paperless tool" for geocaching.


My favorite paperless tool is the BlackStar software for the Blackberry. It might not be my favorite if I tried some of the other stuff that's been mentioned in this thread. But if you already have a BlackBerry, it's FREE. And it works great.

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