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  1. I have one made from cedar that has held up very well for 10 years or so.
  2. I bought a ten pack from Home Depot to replace some damaged or missing rings on match safe containers. These seemed a better quality and just cost $1.19 for the 10.
  3. Lately I have found several micros with log sheets either saturated wet or so filled with signatures that there was virtually no where to sign. I typically have spare log sheets, so is it OK to replace these with a new one in a new zip-lock even though I don't own the cache? I know that I like to read mine once they are full or need replaced. I had thought of keeping the full log, notifying the owner in a note and offering to mail it to them if wanted. Would you be OK with this?
  4. They sell these with lids available. I notice that the lids fit tight have a gasket that might make them relatively waterproof similiar to a lock-n-lock. I would like to hide a large cache and this seems ideal. Has anyone tried them? If so, how did they stand up to the elements?
  5. Approximately 7 months until our 100th. We have found most caches within a 40 mile radius, so with gas prices the way they are, the finds may come slower now.
  6. Tell me more about this resin. What is it?
  7. I have a micro that has been hidden for a few months now and it has gotten good reviews so far. I recently found a small Lock-N-Lock that I would like to place there instead to allow small trade items. This is the largest that I feel I could use in this spot. Do I just edit the listing and post a reviewer note? Will it have to be approved again? It will keep the same name and coordinates, just the larger container. Thanks ahead for responses.
  8. Dzrtgrls.....that is an awesome site. Really enjoyed the stories and pics.
  9. I recently placed a cemetery cache and it would not be published until I was very clear that it was outside the boundry of the cemetery in a wooded area.
  10. I just got cacheberry for my blackberry curve and am very happy with it so far.
  11. Wow, I found my first LPC a couple of weeks ago. I guess we don't have many around here, because I thought it pretty neat. I guess that could change if they were everywhere, but, hey, for me at this point I like them all.
  12. Typical newbie here, but already addicted.
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