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Trent Geo-cruise


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I was at the cottage this week sitting on the deck and had a wacky idea for a geocaching event. It could either be over a long weekend or a week trip, with a event sometime over the course of a week.


Basically the idea I had was to rent a houseboat and cruise the trent severn waterway. hunting cache on the way.


Looking at doing this next summer and I am looking for suggestions.


The rental and lock fees are the biggest cost. Looking at using Happy days house boats located in Bobcaygeon, Ontario.


The rental is cheaper in the off season like around late May/early June.


Just want to see what people think of the idea and if it is worth pursuing this.

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Sounds like a fun idea Jeff! We recently did a boat trip on the Rideau Canal and had a blast. We got a few caches along the way, but I'll bet if the boat was loaded with cachers, we'd have done more. I believe that by next year, a Pleasure Craft Operator Licence will be needed by anyone wanting to drive the boat. You can do the exam online.


One thing that we found was that there were several caches along the way that were not accessible because we couldn't bring the boat in anywhere near shore. Perhaps bring a canoe or dinghy for access to those types, if there's a place to put it.

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