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Geocacheing hosts in Finland

Team Pitkis

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Last year I (Member A of Team Pitkis) visited Germany for couple of days and during those days there were a kind of a "free activities" -gap baked into our itinerary. Just for fun I contacted our German colleagues in their forum to find out if anybody were available to join me on a cache hunt on that specific day. To my comfort, cacher "rangercaptain1" took me to hunt with him for day. Instead of visiting just one or two caches in the vicinity of my place of accommodation, I got wheels under me in the form of rangercaptain1:s car and a tons of very good advice for cacheing practises and specialities of local nature.


I'm very grateful of his time and effort and I'm more than willing to return the favour in his best convenience.


In this context, I'm opening this topic for people to announce their readiness to host our foreign cacheing colleagues to get the best experience possible for their time in Finland.


So... If you're ready to concider such hosting, please, leave your cacheing handle and your location or location of possible cacheing districts into this chain of messages. From such list, people planning trips to Finland, can find contacts to discuss the possibilities.


Member A of Team Pitkis

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Although we are also in the Tampere area, we do not see that as a problem, you can never have too many offers to take up where others might be busy with real life things.


So Nosfera also offer their services to visiting cachers, Mr Nosfera is English, Mrs Nosfera is Finnish and fluent in English.

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