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I also leave behind custom made poker chips:

The problem with printing that they probably won't hold up to moisture, especially if printed with an inkjet. Ordering custom chips is surprisingly inexpensive. You can get the chip printed and delivered for the price of the airtite container.


Actually I have gone back 2 years later to caches with these tokens in them and found them to be in the same condition as I left them :lol: . This goes both for the ones in airtite containers as well as the ones just placed in zip-lock baggies. The key is the quality of the labels that you purchase, as described on the instruction page, use the high quality vinyl water resistant type; as the ink will "imbed" into the surface. Also a decent quality printer doesn't hurt as well as the proper output settings for that printer.

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So I liked the custom casino chip as a signature item (I'm also getting some custom trackable coins - very excited about these!).


I ordered the casino chips from the place recommended, and the 1.2" labels fit well (I have a color laser printer, so needed to order the waterproof laser ones instead of the inkjet ones). Now I just need to come up with something to put on them.


However, the 39mm airtites are too small! I ordered a bunch, and there's just no way to get them to fit.


I'm ordering some of the 40mm ones now to test them (only ordering 5 this time to start).


Any ideas if I did something wrong in all this?

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Palm Imports. They are actually a wholesaler.

Googling for that turned up Palm Cycles (a division of Palm Imports) and they have the ultimate CITO vehicle..



Yep- the same site. Kind of a lame site but as I said they are wholesalers. They make the chips for many other companies that sell chips online. The companies with the fancy sites. In the end with shipping I think I paid about 39 cents per chip, total.

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