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Seven Summits?


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You know that coin is so old and old school NOBODY is going to be interested in it so you'd best send it over as I'm a nobody and can take better care of it than YOU can.


Kidding aside.... it was sold through Oakcoins and for a while there was a link to the coin's stats page, though I doubt that's still up.

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I had this coin given to me a couple years ago. Is it worth anything and how do I find out how many were made. As of right now its still unactivated. Swizzle


thats a nice geocoin! i love those! i have both the mt. mckinley and mt. everest in bronze. i'm still looking for both of those in the antique silver. does anyone know why the seven summits series was never completed?! i would collect all the summits if they were made.


~odyssey voyager~

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Does the fact that its still unactivated make it any more or less valueable? I'm thinking about tossing it in ye ol' wall safe for about 20 years. Swizzle

it seems that unactivated geocoins have a better re-sale value, however an unactivated geocoin doesn't necessarily equal uncirculated mint condition. i have seen some activated geocoins in better shape than some unactivated ones. the best thing would be to protect your geocoin from scratches, oxidation, and even the damage caused by chemicals from inferior plastic sleeves. perhaps a coin collector website has the best tips for proper long term storage and protection of valuable coins.



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