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Do you use a Nokia N97 for caching


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Though I don't use one myself, I thought this might be of interest to any N97 users out there:


Some N97 owners find the integrated GPS doesn't perform as well as they'd like, so they've taken it upon themselves to render a proper fix. Using a copper wire attached to the existing antenna, Symbian Freak contributors Bruno and Teo have greatly improved their signal strength and can go about geocaching with fewer dropped signals.


See: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2009/08/n...TC-0D6B48984890

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we just got one of these for caching with as an update to our etrex and i love it


do you know if there will be a program comming for the google g1 phone???




there are thrre apps\available for the g1.


1. geodrioid - available from the market-place..

2. geobeagle.

3. cachemate


of the three, i find geodroid the best, cachemate second and geobeagle next to uselees


on top of that there are issues in that the phone is only good for urban / semi-rural caches and getting pocket quieries onto the phone is a real faff as it can only be done when you're connected to a PC, and not in the field.



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