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  1. I appreciate that and your help is great however you are not the reviewer of my cache, and this reviewer of my cache is telling me something that is diametrically opposite to what you are telling me (and that I told him). In fact he stated, and I quote: "Thanks for your changes. You may well be right about about using Certitude, but unfortunately the reviewers have not been instructed to accept caches with a link to their site." Now I do not know who has briefed this reviewer or why but if that is the case then I feel the owner of the Certitude site should be told of this decision, don't you think? Of course the other spin on this is that the reviewer has made a mistake and doesn't feel able to say to me, "I'm sorry I got it wrong" and is instead making up some total twaddle about things. What what you be really useful, is of course a clear statement from Groundspeak saying which puzzle checking / confirming sites one may or may not use but I'm not holding my breath for that one. Rik
  2. Which apparently the reivewers have now been told not to accept cache pages which link out to it. I wonder if the certitude owner is aware of?
  3. Maybe, just maybe the reviewer of my cache is unaware of this rule? All I know is I just spent three hours building a puzzle checker and uploading it to my webserver.
  4. Anyone know of an alternative to certitude? I've just had a cache knocked back because and I quote: "Cachers are required to visit a cache page to enter their answer 'string' (http://www.certitudes.org). That cache page contains advertisments." Any alternatives could use? Rik
  5. Those are really rather good arn't they. Although I do wonder what the phrase "used traditionally" means in relation to the battery case
  6. It was the venue not the cachers. The park is out of the question due to the time of the year and as I say most of the local cachers seem uncomfortable with meeting in a pub - dunno why, but there you go. Hence my attempt at finding a suitable other venue. Given the level of silliness exhibited by three local venues, I'm waiting until next spring before a get together is planned, and we can have a picnic. Tsiolkovsky
  7. sounds like you need something with an o-ring in it. I have seen small waterproof containers but they are generally cylindrical in aspect rather than flat. I have come across some flat containers that are waterproof, but they are sadly too large to meet your requirements. Have you thought of adapting something like a soft plastic waterproof mp3 pouch? like one of these? Waterproof pouch Tsiolkovsky
  8. What a good question, and I am sure there are other things above and beyond what is laid down in the rules by geocaching. I was looking at setting up a meeting in Frome for my local cachers, the problem is most of them don't want to meet in pubs, so I was looking at other local venues. Most wanted to know about tricky things such as, if children are coming will the adults there be CRB checked, what kind of ancillary insurance would I be providing, etc... *sigh*
  9. most photographic shops are normally quite happy to give you a few. Can I make one suggestion, if possible avoid using APS canisters - they seem to be less waterproof than the 35mm variety.
  10. To be honest I find most nanos rather tiresome, especially those placed in areas where it would be trivial to place a proper size cached or those at the end of a long, complicated multistage cache. However there is a class of nano that is always a thrill to find, and i'll come onto those in a minute. Most of the nanos you are likely to find are of the small magnetic variety, they are small unobtrusive, fairly water-proof and come in a variety of colours so they are ideal for urban environments. The most common variant to this variety of cache is the magnetic nano bolt: Generally speaking these nanos are attached to large lumps of metal, however occasionally you will find them attached to wooden structures. It is a trick I've used in the past to rather good effect. Moving into the realm of the non-magnetic nano - you will often see the pet ID holder containers or the bison tubes: however, the advantage of the nano is that these containers can be embedded in other more mundane objects such as snail shells, golf balls and pine cones. Depending on the level of cunning and evil displayed by the cache owner. In fact it is this sort of nano that is the real joy to find. The really and utterly sneaky cache that has you scratching your head. A stonkingly fine example of such a cache would be Edward Simeon in Reading. Now that is a cache. GC1FB0E - Edward Simeon hope this helps in some way to understand the world of the nano.
  11. To be perfectly honest, no I've not. I've just looked at their website. I'll email them post haste. Thanks,
  12. Does any UK cache supplier stock the bison hexagonal container? i.e. one of these: http://www.shop4swag.com/catalog/product_i...products_id=135 I've had a look at: ukgeocachers & geotees with no joy. I know box64 used to stock them, but they've closed now. If I could source them in the UK then that would be brilliant, rather than having to pay shipping from say the USA. Many thanks Tsiolkovsky
  13. Well I've ordered a tick key and a tom o'tick and I'll see which ones do the job for me. Thanks for all the advice so far.
  14. Okay hold my hand up to that one for not being clear enough. Not talking about a CAR rally, but rather take the concept of the rally and use foot power instead. With walkers going off at timed intervals.
  15. Just outside Stourhead, Wiltshire are four very fun multi-caches, all with the same starting point - the car park at Stourhead Woods. Namely: http://coord.info/GC1H9KH http://coord.info/GC1H9NH http://coord.info/GC1HH0G http://coord.info/GC1H9N2 The caches are something of a challenge, in that you have to collect information from a series of information boards, which will give you the location of a micro cache, in which are the co-ordinates for the final cache. I've recently completed these four caches, and found them to be such fun that I feel it is a shame that more people don't do them. I was toying with the idea of actually getting a few more people to do them, and what I was thinking of doing, was to organise a Rally. A traditonal Rally in that teams go off at 10 minute intervals from a starting location, and the team who does this in the quickest time wins a prize of some kind. The obvious thing to do would be to organise it as a geocache event of some kind, but of course because it would be for the purpose of finding some caches, it would be disallowed under the Rules. Any ideas anyone?
  16. Ah the o'tom. Heard it's next to useless for self removal. Brilliant for removing from dogs / cats etc... Anyone else confirm / dispute this?
  17. Tried that once with one of my early geocaches in Bristol. It didn't go well, since it appears that most geocaches have been through the same writing course as all Doctors so it is pointless trying ot decipher the scrawl. In the end my view is, if people want to claim finds they've not found, then that's fine. The only person they are cheating is themselves.
  18. Boat firmly missed with this one, I fear. Given there is a plethora of good geocaching apps already available for the Android. Left me feeling a bit 'meh' when I bought it and tried it.
  19. Where did you get your tick key from? I have yet to find a really good tick remover, and since I've tired the vasoline trick - the tick promptly desired to do something unspeakable to my arm (luckily not an infected one) - I am thinking that direct action and hoicking the little so-and-so out would be the best method. As to leaches. Been there and done that in Belize.
  20. Many thanks to matt7159 for adopting this cache.
  21. I was at Mole Valley Farm Farmers store yesterday and I noticed what could be the very same bags. They are made of black ballistic nylon (so theorectially rotproof) and used for making sandbags. I've had a look on their website but I can't seem to see the listing for them.
  22. Agree.. Mark for review. Nicely uncontentious.
  23. And just to add an extra note of doom and despondency, how long will it be before we start to see news reports such as these cropping up in the UK? Popular past time can turn dangerous and illegal
  24. Actually that's an interesting point. I wonder if now 'll be able to submit 'The Rude man of Cerne Abbas' as an earth cache? The last time I tried it, and despite getting written permission from the NT landowners, I was turned down because it was a lude and unsavory subject for an earthcache...
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