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New to caching in Eastbourne!

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I'm an 18 year old student new to geocaching in the Eastbourne area, having just recently bought a GPS device. Since the 18th July I have made 30 finds (mainly micros) and was just wondering if any other locals could give me some advice to do with caching in the town? Could anyone recommend their favourite local caches? It would be good to hear from some of the familiar names on the local log sheets :D

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Hi and welcome to this addiction, sorry hobby :D


I suspect you may have seen our name in the logs?


Have you done wired in.....it is on the seafront - a different container for a log (I say no more).


How far are you travelling for caches, or are you limited to the town?


Oh and well done on that fab find rate since July :P

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Hi, yes I have indeed see your name on numerous occasions! In fact, I do believe that my second cache was your adopted 'Scented Garden for the Blind' :rolleyes: I went to do 'Wired In' last week, but there were far too many muggles around to even attempt it... seems like it might be a bit of a challenge... in the brief look I had at the location (if I'm correct) there appeared to be a lot of broken glass, rubbish etc!


I'm quite pleased with my find rate, especially as one week since my first find was taken up by a trip to Italy where I didn't get round to finding any. It's largely to do with the fact I've just finished college and have nothing better to do until I start University next month! I need to finish off the Bexhill Seafront trail and on Monday I'm doing the Cuckoo Trail, erm, trail on my bike!

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Hope you enjoyed the cache :rolleyes:.......yes I suppose there are a fair few locally with my name in it.......


Yes sadly there is often a collection of rubbish there. Perhaps you could CITO (cache in trash out) while there to stop the council men taking the cache by mistake? It is working well at the spot where the Newhaven travel bug hotel is. Markedly improved the area too.


Thanks for the tip off to HoD :D Off to look at that one

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Nice to bump into you too :laughing: From the moment I saw your name in the Sovereign logbook I knew that you would be somewhere nearby! I didn't get round to finding Pirates' Ship in the end; far too many muggles with their boats/fishing equipment. I didn't realise I was running when you spotted me though... must be the subconscious excitement of trying to be FTF! I also go at doing Pete's Haven, the Princes Park multi, but failed (co-ords led me into the sea!)... I must get round to doing the nano on the Pier too. Any advice on those two?


All the best!

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Sussex, both E and W has a great many caches, so that should keep you occupied in between your 15 hours of lectures a week. :laughing:

I'm fortunate that I have a dear friend in Lewes, which is central to many caches.

I'd say get onto the Downs as often as possible. Some great circular walks too.

...and welcome to C.A. (Cachers Anonymous) :anicute:

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double check your answers and working out for the petes haven. One wrong number and you will be at sea :laughing: (like all multis). Pier on the nano is a fairly easy find, with a bit of cachers eye and minimal muggles.


currykev is right too, if you can get to the downs and local area there is some fab walks and caches for the taking. Don't know how 'mobile' you are.

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Hello again, bit of late reply!


Sorry if I didn't make it quite clear; I am a student living in Eastbourne but I'm going to the University of Bristol next month, so I won't be studying down this way. I just wanted some advice on Eastbourne ones for the time being just to get me started :P However, as of 24/08/2009 I have made 85 finds, so I don't think I really count as a beginner anymore (although I probably still have a lot to learn)! As both of you have suggested, I plan to do some of the walks, such as the Harvey and Ziggy's Red Route trail in Hellingly, as well as the Six Bells Circular. As for Lewes, I need to finish the Church series :ph34r: I make pretty good use of public transport, so I am fairly mobile.


In regards to 'Pete's Haven', there was definitely something wrong with it, and after emailing the owner, he has taken it offline.

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