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FS Dreamcatcher 4 coin set


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Hello fellow Cachers,


As the post says, will be selling a complete Dreamcatcher 4 coin set. I really didn't want to sell it but I must. The quick and the short of it is that I found a job back at the end of March did the training and all, but the person that did my DOT physical thought that I should talk to my doctor about sleep apnea and so placed a restriction on my DOT Card making it valid for only 3 months. My employer allowed me to drive for that time, but when the time grew short made sure I could get home to see the doctor. Between all test and waiting for appointments my employer auto-terminated me for being gone to long, which was out of my hands. While I was told that after I got everything done I could be reinstated, that still doesn't help pay the bills.


Below is a link to the listing on ebay:


Auction Listing Here


The reserve is set at what I need to make the payment, but I will sell if the bid is close enough. I have sold a set of these before for the amount I need, my payment is not too much.






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I tried to adjust the shipping and after testing some other countries it still doesn't work correctly. It seem like and error in the ebay system as I offer 1st class, Flat rate priority and priority services, but for international shipments it is only displaying the priority service.


Please send a question via the ebay system as to the cost of shipping to your country so I can reply to it and have it show on the listing.


This explains why I have not had many bids on other auctions in the past.






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Well, the auction is done and I just want to thank those that bid. This will allow me to pay back most of the money to the person I borrowed the money from to pay my car payment.


This will also allow me to skip a couple months of payments due to a skip payment program at the Credit Union. Not ideal, but it gives me some breathing room.


Now if I can just get back to work, but that may not be until October since they decided that I have Severe Sleep Apnea. Personally I think it is BS since each time they ask me about a symptom I can correctly answer NO. I think there must be another issue.


Oh well, not much I can do about it since that is what the test shows.


I have multiple ideas that I want to make, but they will have to wait until I get back to work.


Thanks again and hope to get back out there when I have time.



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