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Colorado + Heart Rate Monitor

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I've just bought a HRM for my Colorado. It all seems to work fine and I did a small test walk this evening to grab some data. Looking in the GPX file I can see the HRM data.


Earlier today I read about SportsTracks, which seemed like a fantastic bit of software for a number junky like me. But it doesn't seem to support the Colorado directly. It's not in the device list, nor can I load the GPX file into it (it complains about the XML format - I gather that the Colorado and Oregon use weird keys to store temperature, heart rate and cadence). I installed Garmin Communicator and can get the track data out using that, but it seems to strip off the heart rate data.


It's all a little frustrating. Obviously I can still keep an eye on my heart rate while out walking, but what can I actually DO with the track data with this information in it? Is there any interesting software out there that can handle the XML that the Colorado creates?

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Yes, I have already downloaded SportsTracks. Unfortunately I'm having no luck getting the HRM data into it from my Colorado. I can see the data is there in the GPX file, but the software can't seem to recognise it (and Garmin Communicator seems to be stripping it out).

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Your wiki can be updated some.


If you convert GPX track from Colorado/Oregon with GPSBable, you can upload them to Garmin Training Center (free download software at garmin)


There you can see you cadence, heart rate and track log.

It gives nearly the same information as my Edge 305. (missing lap function)

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I normally run the GPX file from my Colorado through GPSBabel to put the XML in a more usable format (ie. not all on a single line). It looks as thought SportTracks objected to that for some reason (even though it was still XML-compliant).


I imported the current.gpx straight from the GPS into SportTracks and it brought in the heartrate data without any complaints.


As I mentioned previously, it looks like Garmin Communicator was stripping out that data. I got the GPS track fine, but no HRM data.


Having now played around with SportTracks a bit, I have to say I'm seriously impressed. Lots of ways of looking at the data. Wish I'd known about it sooner - even without the HRM.

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