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Todie's Wild Ride: Todie Rides Again

Rockin Roddy

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I just received word that a relative has been killed in a motorcycle accident in Michigan this week. The accident was on Tuesday, when another driver turned into him. He had a helmet on, but still sustained brain injuries, and he passed away last night or this morning. He was my brother-in-law's half-brother. It made me think of this thread, and of our friend Todie, and of course Roddy.


Everyone still needs to be reminded to LOOK TWICE AND PAY ATTENTION!!!


For anyone interested, here is an article about the accident. This was published before the young man passed away.


Matthew Ring's Motorcycle accident article

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Oh! I am so sorry for the loss!!! :blink:


today I saw that a cache that had one of my travellers was muggled! my traveller was the proxy one! Now they steal proxies too? I am wondering if the muggle realized that it was a proxy! Now even proxies are getting stollen? Maybe he will throw it away or maybe an other cacher will find it.. so I will not make an other one now.. I will wait!


The lost coin list is getting bigger and bigger! :)

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I just took a look at the spreadsheet. Assuming everyone has updated their mileage appropriately, it looks as though one of my 3 entries has won the overall distance part of the competition! Only one coin surpassed the 20,000 mile mark. Too bad it looks like the cointest itself has fallen by the wayside, but at lest the message was spread.


Hopefully, prizes will still be given out.

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