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hi all, i have a Garmin Etrek H, that i use for hiking, will this be suitable for starting geocaching.


Yep - I use one :ph34r:


I used one to until I upgraded to the Vista.


Go into the main menu, select "settings" and then "units", select "default".


Enter the co ords from the Web Page and off you go.


If you have a serial port cable you can download directly from the webpage via the Send to GPS button.


Very good signal, easy to use and great battery life.


Welcome to geocaching.


Yorkie30 :ph34r:

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I have just started Geocaching and my first cache, a multipart one, was located using my Nokia N95 with Geocach Navigator installed. However, I decided to get a proper one and with budget restrictions, bought the eTrex H and have certainly not regretted it. Very easy to use, check out YouTube for video reviews of it. I did buy the serial lead and USB adaptor as I wanted to download the nearest 250 caches from where I live. However, if you just want to set up a few for a day out, manual input is fine although the buttons feel hard at first.


Battery life is good and visibility of the screen has no problems. Accuracy seems to be good with quick lock on to satellites. All in all, a really nice unit assuming you don't need maps. Maps, good ones anyway, are very expensive. Standard GPS with base map built in are of little advantage over a non mapping one. I would certainly recommend the eTrex H.


Just re read your original question and see that you already own one.... ignore me lol. However, if anyone is thinking of getting one, read away.....

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