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  1. Nope, just the coordinates. Depends on the tool you use to download them - the Garmin plugin for GC.com gives each waypoint a number based on the cache id, GSAK (by default) gives each waypoint a name derived from the cache name. I use a standard serial cable (no usb convertor - they were too much hassle) on Windows 7 and it works just fine. It is easy enuough once set up - certianly a lot quicker than putting them in by hand!
  2. It's been scrapped (or at least it has for now!) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-12428814
  3. That will explain why I can't get a PQ either? Just sprung back in to life.
  4. Stoopid playse 2 put em Yep, forums are working for me, 'Get Satisfaction' is not .... which is a bit ironic My PQs are not generating either ....
  5. If her coordinator is unsure, get them to speak to their local field officer - they should be able to advise, or will have access to someone who can.
  6. Obviously I'd like to have one on our doorstep, but as I'm not prepared to stand up and organise it, I say Good Luck to who ever is prepared .... and they are quite entitled to host it in their own back yard If there was one in Central London would I go? Maybe, but probably not - the cost of getting there would be prohibative for starters.
  7. Under 'Options' (Top right of a post), change the 'Display Mode' setting back to 'Standard'. HTH.
  8. Published last night - the usual FTF hunters were out in force overnight and early morning
  9. That's one of the best bits about having a cache published - waiting to see who is FTF Currently waiting for my 10th to be published - it's been in the queue since the beginning of the week ... must be patient, must be patient
  10. Congratulations Pride?! Only kidding themselves I log most of my DNFs. If I've not had a decent look around and intend to return I don't log it, likewise if I decide I wasn't looking in the right place - no point putting others off visiting if I didn't look hard enough. As a cache owner I find DNFs helpful - I can go and check up to see if they are indeed missing. As a cache finder I find DNfs helpful as I can avoid hunting for caches have had a number of recent DNFs and so are probably missing. It's not just DNFs people don't log - when I checked on one of my caches recently (following a DNF) I found it had been subsequently found but no online log had been made. Each to their own I suppose
  11. The cache pages show the OS references, in the light blue box near the top of the page. There is also a GSAK macro which can do it if you use that programme. I can do the conversion on my gps (eTrex h), but it is a bit painful to switch between WGS84 and British Grid.
  12. I was hoping to request a slightly cheeky found it on that one today Went out on BayBlast from Herne Bay this morning, but we only visited Shivering Sands and Knock John, not Red Sands Still, excellent trip through the wind farm, forts and on to watch some seals, so can't complain I suppose The cache will have to stay as one of my nearest unfound
  13. Depends what you mean ... there are plenty of castle ruins but very few (if any) will allow you to climb on them. And I suspect almost as few will have free admission!
  14. Short answer. Yes. But. There is an Auto feature to add it to your profile... (Sure someone else knows where!) As far as I know it is a manual button click on gc.com to generate the 'My Finds' PQ. I then copy the zip file from the email on to my desktop and manually load the PQ in to my GSAK database. Then I run the GenUploadStats macro to generate the stats and automatically upload them to my profile.
  15. Sounds like an option in your browser rather than an option on gc.com pages. What browser are you using?
  16. I use GSAK on my PC and export the caches via one of the macros to a CacheMate database which I then copy on to my iPaq.
  17. Yep, that'll do nicely, thanks Very slow on my desktop, to the point of not showing most of the map, but works fine on my laptop
  18. Heading over the channel in a few weeks and hope to tick off a few more caches. Is there a French equivalent to our Ordnance Survey's Get-a-Map website? I'd ask on the French forum, except my French would come courtesy of Google's translator ... which I'm not convinced always does the best job!
  19. Another entry ... Those 'limited edition' coins ... they look like the 1000 odd that were distributed last year Or maybe that's just the promo image
  20. I thought a standard member watchlist was only 10 items ?
  21. The UK reviewers are: Alba15 Graculus Deceangi
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