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Old subject, new rant

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Is it me, what? (old subject, just a rant)


On my last two cache adventures, I’m pretty sure I was on private property. Is it just me, or does anyone else get that creepy feeling that you really shouldn’t be there?


No matter what, before setting out I always have a look at the area on Google Maps – to get an rough idea where I’m going, where to park, etc. In these last two – areas that I am pretty familiar wity – my first question is always…


”…really…? Down there??...?"


Are we running out of public areas in the GTA? Or are there just too many people in this hobby now? Don’t the approvers ask if permission is granted? (If the answer to that one is that the cache approvers have too much backlog, then maybe there are simply too many caches out there). I did the last two kind of reluctantly; I sort of had a funny feeling , but went out in the hopes of seeing a trail posting, or a sign that maybe there was a public trail there. Anyway, I completed them both, but still not too sure if I should really be there. :)


Anyway, have a look at these two…. Comments??






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You just need permission, which we must assume the owner of the cache received.


Yeah, right. :o


I always assume the worst. In fact, any sensible cacher should state that he has permission in the cache listing. Why wouldn't you do that?? But I'd be willing to bet that this isn't the case with these two caches. In both cases the owners have less than 20 finds -- in theory that shouldn't matter, I agree.


When placing a cache, the first thing you should ask yourself is "am I allowed to do this here?" if the answer is "yes", then proceed with the palnning of the cache hide.

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For GC1VGQ4 in Glen Williams\Georgetown area, I've been down there on that side of the Credit River many times, but I always parked at the corner of John St. by the apartment and took the trail down through the woods. Great place to watch fireflys at night and the only place I have ever seen fireflys.


As for permission, other than for earth caches, you can pretty much bet that 99.5%+ of caches do not have permission from the land owner. The whole permission issue is just a joke. And I agree with Keith in that it is very ironic and hypocritical when someone questions the location and validity of the cache and yet if they go after the cache anyways and then complain about it. A simple email to the cache owner should be the first coarse of action to address any concerns as the cache owner will have the most knowledge of his cache and the location where it is hidden.


There are thousands of caches hidden on Private Property. Every lamp post or guard rail micro hidden in a Walmart parking lot for example, is on private property and I will bet not one has permission to be there, so it's really no different than the 2 caches mentioned in this thread.


If there is an issue, contact the cache owner or post a note on the cache page...As was done with the above cache.

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Regarding GC1VGQ4, it looks like the problem may have been trying to drive to the cache.


There have been known problems with a property owner South East of this cache that has attempted to block cachers from proceeding to the parking at the bottom of tenth line claiming it was private property. How does one know if it really is private land, or a neighbouring homeowner who believes they can scare off others just so they can have exclusive use of the land?

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I have seen landowners take the liberty of putting no trespassing signs on town\region lands neighbouring their property that is actually owned by the town\region. I am sure there are several situations where this happens.


Best thing is that if you are unsure, turn around and walk away. Contact the cache owner for clarification. There's thousands of caches around to choose from.

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What about seekers that trespass to find a cache? I have seen a few cache listings where the seeker complains about a cache after getting their smiley. Should the same rule of thumb apply when seeking a cache? Am I allowed to be here, if not, walk away before going after the cache.


Exactly! If you doubt the legality of venturing onto a certain parcel of land... no :D is worth being charged with trespassing or worse.


Honestly, I see exactly what the above has stated many times... it's just stupid. No one is holding a gun to anyone's head here. :D


Walk away before

Take pictures of any signage, if present

Document the issue politely in a Needs Archived log


Just imagine if someone placed a cache in your grandparent's backyard... how would they feel about dozens of people wandering onto their property whenever they felt like it? That is what this is like.


:laughing: BQ

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Walk away before

Take pictures of any signage, if present

Document the issue politely in a Needs Archived log


Before posting a needs archive, I think it would be better to contact the cache owner first, not only out of respect, but also they would be most familiar with the location where the cache is placed and they may have permission to place it there or have some kind of explanation. A simple email will usually clear things up.


I agree that if you have issue with the location of the cache or have doubts as to whether or not you can legally be there, don't go hunt for it. In other words, don't get your smiley and then complain about the location, which is a bit hypocritical.


As for the cache in question at the top of this topic, even though it was disabled, I went to find it on Sunday. There are no signs at all at the location or even anywhere along the route to the cache that would indicate that it might be private property or that people can't be there. We even saw another dog walker there and people fishing along the side of the river. I have also been down there many times in the past too with no issue, except previously I always approached from John street, from the opposite direction. As for driving down to that cache, although it can be done, I definitely wouldn't do it, as that would be just too weird here especially once you hit the open field.

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